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Chapter 795: Young Maids 2

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The King said this calmly.

He did not think that those young maids were of any importance to him.

The reason why he arranged the selection was because he needed to find Xunyangs replacement.

Now what happened to Xunyang was history, and he was totally relieved.

However, young maids were still selected, so he decided to

follow the routine to the end.

He was too old to take new girls for himself, and he was used to that idea, but the Empress Dowager insisted that he should keep two, so he followed what she wanted.

There were many young maids selected this year and he did not have many children.

The eldest son was always at the boundary, so all he needed was just a Princess Consort.

Huaiyu had a Princess Consort too, and he would have the right to get one Princess Concubine if he wanted.

So now it came to Huailing and Huaijin.

Huailing had a Princess Consort and a Princess Concubine.

His Princess Consort was the Phoenix Girl, but she still did not have any children.

Also, the Lord Lings Mansion had been in such chaos so Ruxue, who was not at all good at administration, should get some help.

So he should get some young

maids too.

As for Huaijin… he had never had any candidates for a Princess Concubine.

So the King decided to give him some young maids, not because he wanted any more imperial grandchildren from Lord Huais Mansion, but because he needed some of his people to be there.

Well, that was what the King thought.

So he naturally made the plan.

He sipped his tea and gave a light cough.

“There are still nine young maids that have not been arranged.

Lord Ling, you still have one position for a Princess Concubine, so I kept one for you to fill the position.

Ruxue is not very good at administration, so the girl can help Ruxue and get to know how to.

manage a mansion.

Nothing should happen to your mansion any more! Apart from the Princess Concubine, I will give you three more young maids, you can do whatever you want with them, but they are young maids from common families, treat them well.” The King reminded him.

Zhou Huailing nodded as he heard the words.

He of course understood what his father meant.

The King was helping him! That Princess Concubine was from a noble family, who could boost him.

As for the young maids from common families, Zhou Huailing understood that those girls were useful for him too.

It was a well-planned arrangement made by his father.

There were few women at Lord Lings Mansion after the Princess Consort and Lord Ling were divorced.

Princess Concubine Yun went to the South and had not returned, so there were almost no women who were able to manage the mansion there.

Ruxue was not at all skillful so Lord Lings Mansion was in

chaos, and many things had popped up along the way.

He had become so tired.

So after this, he would be able to take a break.

Zhou Huailing was in a good mood.

When the King was done with Zhou Huailing, he turned to Zhou Huaijin.

“Huaijin, you got engaged very late, and your mother is sick too.

So your wedding has to be postponed, and you dont have any Princess Concubines or other women at your mansion, so I arranged a few for you to take as well.”

“You can keep the five remaining young maids.

Apart from your Princess Consort, there are still two positions of Princess Concubines open for you.

So I have gotten two women who could help the Princess Consort, and you can do whatever you want for the remaining three..”


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