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Chapter 79: Marrying You

“What are you doing!” Mrs.

Lin asked anxiously.

Shui Lan wondered too.

She even wanted to run out after him, but with Mrs.

Lin here, she could do nothing but stand on her knees motionlessly, with eyes upon Lin Jiashu.

Hearing what Mrs.

Lin asked, Lin Jiashu replied briefly, “I need to ask Gu Chaoyan something.”

Lin Jiashu kept thinking of the words Gu Chaoyan said – You have all misunderstood me.

What I need is the list for the dowry!

Did he truly misunderstand her

From the first day when Gu Chaoyan moved into Jingxin Hut, he heard from the maids that Gu Chaoyan was going to marry him.

And later… He asked his mother too.

She said the same thing.

So inwardly, he believed that Gu Chaoyan was going to marry him.

Though he disliked this idea, and hated the feeling of being threatened, he still believed that she was going to marry him.

However, now she was telling him that they all misunderstood her

That was something he could not accept.

Gu Chaoyan was not that annoying either.

At least she was indeed skillful in medicine and careful in treating himself.

She was distant, silent and chubby, but he knew that she had never had an easy life.

She was forced to get her engagement cancelled.

She was not good-looking and rumor said that she often did shoplifting.

Even if the Wang Family might step forward to help her with the marriage, she was not going to marry anyone excellent.

If she married him, though he disliked her, she was not going to suffer in the Lin Family since she was his savior.

The more Lin Jiashu thought through the whole thing, the clearer his mind became.

As he came to Jingxin Hut and stood in front of Gu Chaoyan, he was not panicking any more.

Instead, he was showing a look of confidence.

“What is it” Gu Chaoyan asked distantly with slight surprise.

She did not expect that Lin Jiashu would come to her place.

Was he about to give her any warnings

Gu Chaoyan got increasingly lethal as she thought about the possible words, but Lin Jiashu did not seem to notice any of these.

With eyes upon Gu Chaoyan, he said with a pitiful tone, “I have thought about it.

I can marry you.”

Gu Chaoyan threw a very cold look at Lin Jiashu.

Did he not understand what she said or did his head work terribly

What was he thinking Marrying her

She was not going to marry him either, even if he wanted to.


Wang might have a high position in the office, but anyone who marries you for his sake would not give you a great life.

I was narrow-minded before, but now I have thought it through.

I dont like you, but I wont allow you to live in a bad environment.

The Lin Family will treat you well for your treatment upon me.



“But I have to be responsible for Shui Lan.

You cant punish her.

As long as you can accept this condition, I will definitely marry you,” Lin Jiashu mumbled constantly.

Having said the words… He suddenly felt rather pleased.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan standing in silence, he assumed that she was just being shy, so he said, “I will tell mom.”

“Hang on.” Gu Chaoyan spoke in a very freezing tone.

Lin Jiashu looked at her with confusion.


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