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Chapter 789: The Marriage

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“However, our medical skills are passed down throughout generations, only to boys not to girls, nor to any outsiders.

That is a rule set by our ancestors, and it has been going on for hundreds of years.

We have been following the rules all the time.” When Qian Shao mentioned the rule, he showed a look of

respect before he continued.

“Well, for you Lady Chaoyan, we can make an exception.

We can pass it on to girls, but we still cant pass it on to outsiders.”

Qian Shao said this then showed a smile.

He still looked quite proud at this point.

The two people, who were also from the Qian Family, nodded in agreement.

Qian Shao continued.

“Therefore, I have just come up with a perfect solution.”

“Qian Zhong is my nephew, and he is a very excellent man in the younger generations.

You two can get engaged, and after that, we will pass on our medical skills to you.

When you master the skills, you two can get married officially.”

“Officer Qian can be the guarantor,” Qian Shao said proudly.

He had been discussing the marriage with his family the day before when Officer Qian mentioned that he could be the guarantor.

Therefore, Qian Shao believed that the whole thing would work out perfectly, since Officer Qian offered help.

The Qian Family possessed the highest social status in the whole capital among the medical families.

It would not have been possible for them to marry a girl without any parents, one who was working hard outside, even though the girl might be a capable doctor.

They would never have asked their own son to marry someone like that.

Qian Zhong was the son of the third concubine, and the third

concubine had not been delighted, but after Qian Shaos endless talk and offered profits, the third concubine finally agreed.

However, even if they said yes, the third concubine had an even higher standard – they would only get married when the medical skills were successfully passed on.

Qian Shao had thought that it would not sound like a good deal, but when he thought of how Officer Qian could stand by their side, he did not think that it was a bad deal for someone like her.

That was the best family she could get!

Having said this, Qian Shao looked at Gu Chaoyan, waiting for her to reply.

He was so confident that he failed to notice how annoyed Sword One and Sword Two had become.

He was waiting for Gu Chaoyan to nod with a broad smile on his face.

‘When Gu Chaoyan heard Qian Shaos speech… She laughed.

She laughed very, very hard.

Qian Shao was such a tricky man who had made a full plan for him and his family.

Ordinary girls would have fallen into the trap set up by the Qian Family.

However, Gu Chaoyan was different.

When confronted with such a man, Gu Chaoyan was no longer as ill-tempered as before.

Instead, she threw a look at Qian Shao with interest.

Then she looked at the officer from Dali Temple.

She said calmly, “As far as I remember, officers from Dali Temple are allowed to wear uniforms if they are out for business, but the rules from the court say that officers are not allowed to wear the uniforms if they are not out for business.

Now you are here at my Xinlin Clinic for private matters, so it

seems that Officer Qian has breached the rules.

I wonder if the head of Dali Temple has any knowledge about that.

I suggest that Officer Qian should get changed right now instead of standing here.”

Officer Qian looked at Gu Chaoyan with a complicated look.

Qian Shao ignored what Gu Chaoyan said.

“That doesnt matter..

What matters is what you think of my proposal, Lady Chaoyan”4

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