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Chapter 784: Not Leaving

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Gu Chaoyan tured around subconsciously and looked at him strangely, wondering what else he had just thought of.

She looked at him in silence, waiting for him to say something.

Being looked at by Gu Chaoyan in this way, this man suddenly lost the courage to say what he was about to say.

He felt a little shy and introverted.

He almost believed that what he was about to say would be over the top.

However, he still wanted to give it a try.

“Twas just thinking that Elder Miss, you are my savior who has saved my life.

I hope that I can stay here and work for you when I recover.

I dont need to get paid, I just need a place to live and food to eat,” the man said.

Gu Chaoyan was startled.

Before she could answer him, the man explained, fearing that she would say no and think that he had thrown himself at the clinic.

“I mean, I mean… if 1 am fully recovered, I can stay and work for you, if 1am disabled… I will leave.”

He looked at Gu Chaoyan sincerely.

Hearing what he said, Gu Chaoyang suddenly thought of how his brother said that he could go home if he made a full recovery and that he could just leave if he was disabled.

That was why Gu Chaoyan did not see any of his family these past two days.

So… did he hear the words at that time

That was possible.

Some people might still have awareness even when they were badly injured.

He could stay and work for her.

That sounded okay.

“You can talk with your family first, and I will only keep you if you are an ethical person.

We can talk about this when you recover, but for now, you need to rest.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly, “And, what is your name”

“Wang Dao”

Gu Chaoyan nodded, then she left.

There was an empty room in the backyard kept for special purposes at Xinlin Clinic.

Now it came into use.

The pageboy hired at the clinic was a very hard-working person.

Even if there was no one living in the room, he would always keep it clean.

So Gu Chaoyan moved in without any trouble.

That made Gu Chaoyan believe that the pageboy was a very nice person.

After a while, she would give him the raise.

After she washed up, Gu Chaoyan laid down in bed.

She kept thinking about what Wang Dao told her – what could that thing be

Many animals had sharp jaws, but not as sharp as blades!

Gu Chaoyan fell asleep directly as she thought about this, and when she woke up, it was already the following day.

Gu Chaoyan did not sleep in since she spent the night at Xinlin Clinic.

She had a terrible sleep and woke up early.

Gu Chaoyan combed her hair briefly and walked out of the room.

She asked the pageboy if Wang Dao had woken up.

Knowing that he had woken up, she went to the kitchen and started to make the medicine.

‘The magical water was a good thing, but it could not be used all the time.

He needed some other supplementary medical materials for his internal injuries, Gu Chaoyan thought that she would need someone with medical knowledge to work at Xinlin Clinic.

That person only needed to be able to make supplementary medicine.

He did not have to be accurate on fire control, since Gu Chaoyan used relatively strong fire for the medicine making.

‘When she was done with the medical soup, she asked Qing to serve it to the patient.

She, on the other hand, decided to have some breakfast.

She had just gotten up when Xiu Jie entered.

He showed a very helpless expression on his face.

“Elder Miss, that Li Qing from the day before is here again.

He is asking for you and doesnt want to leave..”

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