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Chapter 776: Reasoning

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Gu Ruxue got so nervous that she finished another song, but there was still no sign of the phoenix in the sky.

Gu Ruxue lost the calmness on her face.

She tried several more times, yet no phoenix was seen anywhere.

‘The ladies in the garden were all uneasy.

The Princess Consort had totally embarrassed herself, yet they did not dare to laugh.

They were also busy thinking about how to help her out on this occasion.

Otherwise, they would be scolded by their families when they returned home, rather than get praised.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family became even more anxious.

She had not expected that the whole thing would turn out to be such a mess.

When the Princess Consorts maid came to her with the invitation, she had stressed confidently that she should mention the topic.

She feared nothing, but it seemed that the phoenix was not to be called at all.

‘The Second Lady of the Chu Family said nervously, “Princess Consort, a phoenix is not a very ordinary bird, and it is quite reasonable if it refuses to show up.

It is okay if we dont see it right now, lets see the bird next time, please, dont exhaust yourself.”

Gu Ruxue clenched her teeth tightly.

It had been a long while since she was so humiliated.

And now she had been humiliated in front of so many noble ladies!

She had gotten so angry! However, she could not throw her temper at the moment.

She forced a small smile.

“I am sorry to have disappointed you all.

It must be in a bad mood, so I will show it to you some other time.”

The ladies dared not say anything more.

They nodded constantly, “Yes, yes, we can see the phoenix anytime we want.”

‘That was how the event came to an end.

And the Banquet naturally ended as well.

Gu Ruxue had planned to ask them to see the flowers, try the pastries whilst having some conversation and a meal after the phoenix showed up, but now she was not in a mood to follow any of these steps.

Instead, she had to figure out what caused all of this!

What happened

She had spent one million yuan on the music that humiliated her.

That was something she could not stand.

Gu Ruxue had become totally distracted.

The other ladies had also noticed the changes of her mood, so instead of lingering in the mansion, the lady from the Min Mansion put forward the proposal of leaving first, and then everyone else followed suit.

That was how the Flower Banquet ended in a hurried and embarrassing manner.

Gu Ruxue was not in a mood to do anything else.

The moment the banquet ended, she hurried to Zhou Huailings study.

She was extremely annoyed.

Zhou Huailing, who had been busy with his own business, had been in a good mood, but got confused when he saw the angry look on Gu Ruxues face.

“What is going on Arent you supposed to hold the flower banquet in the garden so that they can see the phoenix What made you so mad Did anyone

counter you I will speak to that ladys father!”

Zhou Huailing tried to pamper her vividly, but Gu Ruxue was so annoyed.

“No one countered me! Who dares to! It was Gu Chaoyan that bitch! She set me up!” Gu Chaoyan said angrily.

“The phoenix did not come out today.

I was totally humiliated”


Zhou Huailing was both surprised and angry.

He had never thought that the whole thing would have turned out to be so embarrassing! He and Xuan Lin definitely saw the phoenix the other day, but the phoenix refused to turn up today! She was totally humiliated in front of the noble ladies!

“Lets go and reason with Gu Chaoyan!” Zhou Huailing said as he pulled her away.

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