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Chapter 775: No Phoenix 2

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The music was almost coming to an end, but when they looked up into the sky, there was nothing there.

The ladies, especially the Second Lady of the Chu Family, were wearing a very complicated look on their faces.

The Princess Consorts real intention of today was to let them see the phoenix, so if the bird did not show up, what could they do whilst sitting here

Also, the Second Lady of the Chu Family was the person who raised the proposal, and that made her even more worried.

They did not have any interest in the phoenix, they were here to suck to the Princess Consort! How they were doing back at home was related to the court as well.

So now everyone was trying to think of what to do next.

Even if Princess Consort could not call out the phoenix, they should not offend her, since she was the Phoenix Girl and the Princess Consort of Lord Ling!

These ladies had thought that the banquet was a good thing, but now they all regretted their presence.

They should have asked their sisters to attend the banquet instead.

Finally, the music was done, but no phoenix was seen at all.

Gu Ruxues flourishing face had tured totally red.

What happened She just could not believe it.

The phoenix was called the other day! Could the flute be the issue

Gu Ruxue thought for a while and tried to calm herself down as she said to Ming.

“Lord has just made the jade, and it has never been used before, so I am not quite used to playing it.

Go and get the old one.”

Ming went to fetch it, and she was panicking as well.

If Princess Consort blamed her for what happened today, she would probably be sentenced to death.

Ming hastened her steps as she thought about this.

Gu Ruxue forced herself to stay calm as she said to the ladies, “The phoenix is called with music, but it is a phoenix that doesnt listen to all orders.

Sometimes, it is not willing to show up, but I dont want to disappoint you, so I would like to have another try.”

Then she smiled.

She tried not to make the whole situation look too embarrassing.

The other ladies also added some nice words to go with them.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family said quickly, “That is true, a phoenix is a bird, but it is the King of all the birds.

If you were alone, it might be willing to appear, but with us mortals around, it may not be that happy to show up.

You dont have to take us into consideration.”

The Second Lady of the Chu Family was trying to sound nice.

She had thought about this speech a while ago.

She was also worried that she would get herself into trouble if she did not do something.

That was why she came up with the speech.

Gu Ruxue nodded in satisfaction.

She was indeed satisfied with the Second Lady of the Chu Family.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family, who was not the lineal daughter, was still smart enough.

She knew pretty well what to do and what not to do.

It was good if she was helping around.

She had been thinking about promoting her these days.

She thought of her Elder Brother who was still yet to get married.

If her Elder Brother was able to marry her, then the marriage alliance would be excellent.

She had been hesitant about the marriage alliance, but now she found the Second Lady of the Chu Family a good choice.

Ming came with the old flute.

Gu Ruxue used the flute to practice the other day, when the phoenix arrived.

Gu Ruxue had intended to toss it away, but in the end she decided to keep it.

Ming gave the flute back to Gu Ruxue, letting out a sigh of relief inwardly.

Gu Ruxue felt slightly more assured receiving the flute.

She believed that it would work, so she started to play the flute.

Then she looked at the sky nervously.

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