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Chapter 750: An Idea

“I have always considered Ling the heir, and I made up my mind when I named him! I had to keep a low-profile for you and him, so I took that character for his name.

I have never changed my mind, so why did you do that” The King said in confusion as he looked at Honored Princess Jing.

When Honored Princess Jing heard what the King said, she had a very happy expression on her face.

She assumed that when the King mentioned the heir, he must be about to announce it directly, but as the sentence went on… Honored Princess Jing felt that something was wrong.

Why did she do that What

“King, what do you mean What did I do” Honored Princess Jing asked in confusion.

She had always intended to do something to the Queen, but the Empress Dowager had stopped her, saying that the Queen was not doing well after all, and that she did not need to do anything about her.

So from that time on, she had not done anything and let everything go on smoothly.

So when the King mentioned this directly… Did he mean that he had found something and was going to blame that to her

Honored Princess Jing looked at the King with a very confused expression on her face.

The King got up and looked outside, saying, “Xunyang is missing and my men have been searching for her for a long while, but she is still nowhere to be seen.

Xunyang has always been in the court and she has never been out of the court at all.

The person that kidnapped her and kept her right in the court should be very familiar with the layout of the court.”

“Honored Princess, I have owed you much, so even if you have done something terrible, I wont blame you.

And also, I am telling you right here that even if I leave the Queen and Lord Huai alone, you dont need to worry about anything.

I am going to treat you and Ling well no matter what! Therefore, release Xunyang.

You dont need to do anything like this just to set up Lord Huai,” the King said seriously.

He looked at Honored Princess Jing, with a calm expression.

He believed that what he was doing and how he put the whole thing was already quite proper.

So this matter should be done properly and Honored Princess Jing would accept that as well.

However, Honored Princess Jing looked at the King and showed a very complicated look on her face.

“King, do you mean that I have kidnapped Xunyang just to set up Lord Huai”

“I didnt do that, and I dont have to do that either!” Honored Princess Jing said with determination.

She had done a lot of terrible things, but she truly did not do that.

She did not even give a damn about Princess Xunyang!

The King looked at Honored Princess Jing, who looked like she was telling the truth, but he still did not trust her completely – so Honored Princess Jing refused to admit it

“King, you can investigate me as much as you want!” Honored Princess Jing said.

“Okay, okay, I am just asking you about it because the Prince of the North Qi is going home and he is taking Xunyang away.

However, Xunyang is missing now, and I am so anxious.” The King admitted helplessly.

He seemed to be stuck in a dead end for this matter.

Xunyang could not be found anywhere and the Prince knew what she looked like, so they could not possibly find an imposter.

More importantly, the Prince was very satisfied by how Xunyang looked, especially after he saw the portrait.

So if the King betrayed him, the Prince might make use of the magical monsters and combine forces with the other three countries to counter him! That would be very annoying to deal with.

“King, I have an idea,” Honored Princess Jing said..

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