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Chapter 748: Getting the Queen Back

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The King did not feel assured, until he hurried back to the court.

He asked De Fu to serve him a kettle of tea to cool him down.

He was sweating all over his head as he was seated in Qianqing Palace.

What the King had seen was just a dead giant black serpent, but the King felt as if he had witnessed a living one.

Before the old King passed, he told him something about what happened to the imperial family in history apart from the tales of the Destiny Monk and the Phoenix Girl.

Story went on the continent in the past…

Other beings existed apart from the four standing countries.

Those beings were powerful things that had been sealed inside the restricted area.

The King didnt say everything very clearly, but when the King saw the black giant serpent, he thought of what the King said.

And that snake was so weirdly big.

So the animal should be related to what happened in ancient times.

“De Fu, go and bring the Prime Minister here,” the King said.

As the King sent the order to bring the Prime Minister here… He had been thinking about the Queen the entire time.

The Queen moved from the court before the New Year and went to the town for disease treatment.

It was a town where the imperial family used to stay to spend the summer.

The town had a very beautiful surrounding and it was most beautiful in spring.

However, the town was located deep in the mountains, thus providing a cool space for summer.

When the King thought of the giant serpent, he involuntarily thought of the Queen.

There were too many unknown things deep in the mountains and she might not be safe staying there, so she needed to come back to the court.

As the King thought of this, he asked De Fu to bring the Empress Dowager here.

The Empress Dowager had been in charge of everything in the town, so he needed to have a discussion with her regarding getting the Queen back.

Cining Palace was not located too far away, so the Empress Dowager arrived very soon after De Fu went to fetch her.

She had been holding a terrible look on her face, after hearing that the King had the intention of bringing the Queen back.

The reason why she sent the Queen away was because she wanted to make her stay out of the Kings sight, so that as time went by, he would gradually forget about her.

After the celebration of Chinese New Year, the Empress Dowager had assumed that the Queen had been forgotten, and she even thought about getting new concubines for the King after the Spring Hunt.

Honored Princess Jing was a nice one, but she wasnt that young any more.

Remaining in the court were only senior princesses.

So she planned to get some young and vital ones for the King in case he thought of the Queen, but now… the Spring Hunt had just taken place and the King just could not wait to bring the Queen back.

That really annoyed the Empress Dowager.

She hurried to the Qianqing Palace.

The King said directly at the sight of the Empress Dowager, “Mother, could you please arrange it so that the Queen returns as soon as possible.

When I was out during the Spring Hunt, Eighth Son killed a really large serpent, it was a very large one living in the mountain! I am thinking that the Queen might not be safe staying in the town located at the foot of the mountain, something terrible might appear! The Queen has not been well, and things might get worse if she gets frightened.”

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When the Empress Dowager heard that, she did not answer him directly.

Instead, she sat down first, then she took a sip of tea.

She thought for a while then she replied.

“I dont think it is the right time to bring her back right now.

The Queen had been doing better in the past, but these last two days, she is getting worse.

I dont think that she will be able to make it through.

If you are still worried, we can send her more imperial guards for protection.”

“Then I can go and visit her in the town personally!” the King said.

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