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Chapter 743: Lord Huais Prey

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In the Spring Hunt last year, the winner got one tiger, and he was from Zhou Huaijins team, but Zhou Huaijin did not get the tiger personally.

The man he picked got the tiger instead.

It was an unknown guard, who was later arranged to work at the Ministry of Military because of the hunted tiger.

And their team lost because they did not have a tiger.

However Zhou Huailing did not care, because his Eighth Brother did not get the tiger himself; someone else did.

So he did not really care about losing that contest before, but he and Eighth Brother were in the contest alone this time.

So he had to pay some attention too.

Well, he had nothing to fear either.

He got two tigers by himself, which never happened in the previous years of the Spring Hunt, so he was definitely going to win the contest.

He got the tigers, thanks to his mount, otherwise he alone would not be able to get the two large animals.

At this moment, the other participants, including Young Master Min, were showing a look of surprise.

“Lord Ling, youve got two tigers, that is so capable of you! You are definitely going to win the contest.”

Young Master Min was trying to flatter him a little, yet he was, after all, telling the truth from his heart.

No one else would be able to get equally excellent animals.

Zhou Huailing had done it himself!

Hearing what Young Master Min said, the other Young Masters all came around to pass on congratulations to Zhou Huailing, especially Gu Yunhe, who was the most active.

He almost hailed Zhou Huailing up into the sky.

Zhou Huailing was also very confident, as he waited for Zhou Huaijin to come home.

The King was also quite pleased seeing the two dead tigers.

When Gu Chaoyan and Sword One returned, Zhou Huailing got up and took a look behind their backs.

Sure enough, Zhou Huaijin came around too, but…

Zhou Huaijin did not seem to have any animals with him.

Except for a few deer.

Zhou Huailing smiled.

“Eighth Brother, is that the only stuff you got after being out for so long You are definitely going to lose the contest,” He said as he pointed at the two tigers lying next to him.

“Eighth Brother, you are an adult already, so you should practice riding and shooting more, otherwise we imperial children will be totally humiliated, even Young Master Min and other people have gotten a great deal this year.” Zhou Huailing said.

Zhou Huaijin looked at him and said calmly, “That is not all.”

“I have got more than a few deer.

I have a huge thing, but it is too heavy for the rope to bear, so I am here to get some helpers who can go and carry it.” Zhou Huaijin showed a small smile on his face.

What A big thing So big that the rope was broken… Zhou Huailing looked at what Zhou Huaijin was holding in hands – it was indeed a broken rope.

What was it that was so heavy

Zhou Huailing could not understand.

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It already took a lot of effort for him to get two tigers, and he had also created a historical record by doing this.

Zhou Huaijin, who was out hunting with just a pony, could not have got anything better than two tigers, could he

“Lord Huai, did you get a large wild boar We only consider tigers as big things, and big wild boars are not counted.” Gu Yunhe laughed.

Lord Huai was also a participant for the Spring Hunt, but he had just heard from other young masters that Lord Huai would never be able to hunt anything, since he always relied on others to get the animals.

So since he was out there alone, Gu Yunhe did not believe that he would be able to get anything big or good.

And maybe he did not even know that a large wild boar was not a match against a small tiger, let alone two tigers.

When Gu Yunhe said these words, Zhou Huailing seemed to have understood.

He laughed as he said to the men next to him as well as the imperial army, “You guys, go and help Lord Huai to carry his wild boar here!”

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