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Xuan Lin was totally shocked.

He had just come back to himself after seeing the whole process of the phoenixs behavior with Gu Chaoyan.

He had to use some special drugs to control the magical monsters, and those drugs were made after careful research by the Imperial Master of the North Qi Land.

According to the Imperial Master, only he was able to make such drugs.

So Xuan Lin had always admired the Imperial Master for being able to control magical monsters, but…

Lady Chaoyan was capable of doing that too, and that was a phoenix!

No wonder he was driven out of Lord Huais Mansion when he was there for some business talk.

He would have wanted to take revenge upon that, but after seeing the phoenix, he lost the thought of taking revenge totally.

He would very much like to know the cause! Or maybe… They could cooperate together! It was going to be a very excellent cooperation too!

Xuan Lin was very excited, but Zhou Huaijin was still wearing a very cold expression as he turned to Xuan Lin.

“No comments.”

Having said this, he left.

Xuan Lin clenched the fists.

He was furious, but he could not be angry at all.

After all, he had once offended Lord Huai, so it was totally normal if he refused to tell him anything.

However, he was going to come up with a solution!

The chaos caused by the appearance of a phoenix had already been quieted down by the King.

The Spring Hunt was going to start very soon.

The King was the host and the other participants would be divided into different groups for a contest.

Normally, it would be some princes and some other groups who had the contest whilst the ladies were competing with each other among themselves.

However, Zhou Huailing took a step forward confidently before the groups were divided.

“Eighth Brother, lets have a contest between us this year, we shall see who gets the most prey”

He had been humiliated because of the phoenix.

So he was going to win the round on the pitch of the Spring Hunt.

Normally, Zhou Huaijins team always came last, so Zhou Huailing was confident enough to beat Zhou Huaijin on this occasion.

Therefore, he put forward the proposal.

Zhou Huaijin threw a look at Zhou Huailing and nodded.


Zhou Huailing smiled proudly seeing Zhou Huaijin nodded in agreement, then he looked at the other team members.

He said, “Since I am going to have a solo contest with Eighth Brother, the division does not have to be so difficult.

Just get three teams among yourselves.

Young Master Min and Young Master Chu as well as Young Master Gu, you three can lead three teams respectively, pick whomever you want.”

Having said this, Zhou Huailing heard a sound of cursing among the crowd.

It was really reasonable that Young Master Min and Young Master Chu could be the team leader, but how could this unknown Young Master Gu have the qualification of doing so

Well… none of them said a word about that.

They just waited on the spot to be picked.

Zhou Huailing went to fetch his own magical monster.

He was not bad at riding and shooting, so with such a mount with him, he was confident that he would win the contest.

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Thanks to the magical monster everyone turned to him with a jealous look of surprise.

Zhou Huaijin was still on a date-colored pony, which was nothing special.

Most of the participants started to bet that Lord Ling would win the contest.

When everything was settled the horn was blown and everyone started to head into the woods.

The moment Zhou Huaijin rode into the woods, he caught sight of a white silhouette and followed it.

Next to Gu Chaoyan was Sword One.

The Spring Hunt was not a fierce contest for ladies, so every participant was allowed to bring one maid with her for protection.

“Chaoyan!” Zhou Huaijin approached on his horse.

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