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Chapter 737: What Was Wrong

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Gu Ruxue nodded seriously.

She took a look at the phoenix and said proudly, “Of course it is mine.

You did not come to my Adulthood Ceremony, did you So you did not get to see the scene when hundreds of birds were flying around.

“The phoenix is the head of hundreds of birds, so since those birds flew for me, the phoenix is definitely here for me,” Gu Ruxue said confidently.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family was both surprised and startled.

She was aware why she was not present at Princess Consorts Adulthood Ceremony.

The Chu Family did not like this Princess Consort, so none of them attended the ceremony, but… The Chu Family was wrong!

Princess Consort was such a wonderful existence and the Chu Family would not be able to suck up to her!

She was a person with a long vision.

She grabbed the opportunity at the banquet.

The Second Lady of the Chu Family was very pleased.

She smiled.

“Princess Consort, can I touch the phoenix when it lands here”

Gu Ruxue looked at the girl.

She did not think that this girl was good enough to touch the phoenix, but this girl was working very devotedly for her at the moment.

So she nodded arrogantly, “Okay.”

When the Second Lady of the Chu Family got approval, the other ladies went up and gathered around too.

Although they hoped that the phoenix was here to find them, Gu Ruxue had the biggest opportunity of being the master, so they would not give up the chance.

Gu Chaoyan looked at a lady who stood still.

She was the Elder Miss of the Chu Family.

She asked curiously, “Why arent you up there”

The lady snorted and laughed ironically, so Gu Chaoyan did not ask anything more.

She believed that the phoenix already had enough fun, so she turned to the phoenix, telling it to come down.

The phoenix was a very spoiled bird, but it was obedient, after all.

So it landed.

It came to Gu Chaoyan and flew above Gu Chaoyans head.

On the other side, those ladies were still flattering Gu Ruxue.

One of the ladies noticed that the phoenix was in front of Gu Chaoyan, so she burst out in surprise.

“That is Gu Chaoyans phoenix!”

What Only then did Gu Ruxue notice that the phoenix was flying in front of Gu Chaoyan.

That was impossible! How could that be possible!

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The Second Lady of the Chu Family and the other ladies looked at Gu Ruxue in confusion.

Didnt Princess Consort say that it was hers What was the phoenix doing in front of Gu Chaoyan

“Gu Chaoyan!” Gu Ruxue snapped.

Gu Chaoyan was not moved, but said briefly, “Princess Consort, didnt you ask to see my mount, here it is.

However, it is a bird, so if I use it today, it would be totally unfair for you guys.”

Her mount That was impossible!

She was the Phoenix Girl, and she made hundreds of birds fly at her Adulthood Ceremony, not Gu Chaoyan!

“Give the phoenix back to me!” Gu Ruxue shouted loudly.

“Yours” Gu Chaoyan said curiously, “The phoenix is not trapped, if you think the phoenix is yours, then ask it to join you, why ask me to give it back to you”

Gu Ruxue turned to the phoenix, but the phoenix did not give her any response.

Gu Ruxue thought for a while and asked her servant to get her a dagger.

The King was watching from not to far.

He also noticed that something was wrong.

Things were different from how he imagined.

He turned to Zhou Huailing and asked seriously, “What is going on”

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