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“What is it” Gu Ruxue asked.

Zhou Huailing gave the bottle to Gu Ruxue and asked her to hold it, then he narrated calmly.

“This is the drug that is able to control magical monsters.

There are two pills inside.

You take one whilst the other is fed to the magical monster.

From that moment on, it will only obey your orders.”

Gu Ruxue looked at the bottle in her hands.

She was somewhat startled.

If she needed to take the drug first just to control the magical monster… what if the drug hurt her physically Gu Ruxue was very concerned about that.

The magical monster did make her excited.

And it seemed great to own something as powerful as this.

Zhou Huailing seemed to have sensed her concern, so he added.

“I have taken a pill too, back in the court.

As long as you are able to control the magical monster, it will only bend down to you!”

It was a huge temptation and it assured Gu Ruxue.

So she nodded, then she swallowed one of the pills.

She tossed the other to the magical monster.

When the magical monster took the pill, its eyes gave out sparkling green light, startling Gu Ruxue.

She took a few steps backwards.

She had thought that the magical monster was just an animal that was bigger than a pony, and she had failed to notice its special characteristics.

Now… Gu Ruxue finally realized what was special about the magical monster.

When the magical monster finished taking the pill, he came to Gu Ruxues feet and sat down.

The magical monster obeyed her order.

Gu Ruxue looked at Zhou Huailing with a surprised look on her face.

“It works!”

Zhou Huailing nodded.

He had already experienced the magical characteristics of the magical monster, so he just smiled briefly rather than being surprised.

Gu Ruxue was extremely cheerful about that.

At this moment, she already started to create the scene where she was able to shine brightly by riding on the magical monster.

She was going to cast a shadow upon one person in particular, namely Gu Chaoyan.

She was going to make sure that Gu Chaoyan was totally humiliated!

The Spring Hunt soon arrived.

It took place ten days after Gu Ruxue got the mount.

Apart from the imperial children as well as the princes and ambassadors, the young masters and ladies of some important ministers were also allowed to participate in the Spring Hunt.

Normally, it was the children from the Min Family, the Prime Ministers family as well as the sons of some Generals.

However, one more person was allowed to be present this year.

He turned out to be Gu Yunhe from the Gu Mansion.

Gu Yunhe had spent years in military camps and he was very confident about the Spring Hunt.

So he joined the participating crowd at the Spring Hunt.

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Gu Ruxue showed up with the magical monster under her.

The moment she showed up, everyone turned to her.

It was a kind of mount that none of them had ever witnessed before.

Maybe that was the thing only the Phoenix Girl could possess

So she was the so-called Phoenix Girl

Everyones eyes were brightened.

Some people started to whisper about the Phoenix Girl among themselves.

Zhou Huailing was standing in the crowd with a look of pride.

Gu Ruxue was shining brightly, and she was his woman.

Gu Ruxue came to the ladies on her magical monster.

She then hopped off the magical monster, which behaved so ruly next to her.

Some lady from the crowd asked.

“Princess Consort of Lord Ling, is that your special mount What is it”

“Oh yes.” Gu Ruxue smiled brightly as she caressed the mounts fur.

Some other ladies also wanted to come up to touch it, but the magical monster glared at them, making them take a step backwards instead.

Gu Ruxue indifferently turned to Gu Chaoyan who was in the crowd.

“I heard that Lord Huai has also prepared a mount for you, sister, what is it like”


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