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Chapter 729: Nothing Serious

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Xuan Lin looked at the portrait.

The young girl looked pretty and shining.

There was a touch of herotic air between her eyebrows, totally different from the King in front of him.

The King was handsome too, but he was like Lord Ling, who only had the look, not the air and the temperantment.

Princess Xunyang, however, looked very clever.

It was a different kind of beauty from that of Lady Chaoyan.

Lady Chaoyan was a very cold-looking beauty, and she had a strong air of herself.

Princess Xunyang, on the other hand, was not only clever-looking, but also herotic.

It seemed that he had thought too much back at the hotel.

He had thought that Princess Xunyang was granted to him so easily because she was not good looking or intelligent enough, but it seemed that he had gotten a piece of treasure for himself.

He had not thought about giving her any title, but it seemed that he was going to make her at least a concubine.

Xuan Lin was very satisfied.

He looked at the King and smiled.

“Princess Xunyang is very beautiful, I am very satisfied too.

I am just curious, who is her mother”

“The Queen.” The King said, sounding muffled.

Xuan Lin was startled.

He just could not understand.

It seemed that the King of the Saint Divine Land was also a very cold-hearted person.

He was giving out his daughter for five magical monsters.

However, that was not something Xuan Lin should consider.

Since he already got what he wanted, he did not stay any longer.

He did not even think that he had gotten a good princess, whom he liked.

He took the portrait and left.

“I will be off now.

Can I keep the portrait”

The King truly was not in a good mood to argue about this.

He waved his hands at Xuan Lins request.

“Just bring it away, the painter can just do a new one for Xunyang around this time of the year.”

Xuan Lin accepted the portrait happily and left directly.

The King frowned.

He was still worried about what happened to the Queen.

“De Fu.”

The King was about to say something when the Empress Dowager arrived.

The King was not very happy at the sight of the Empress Dowager.

“What are you doing here, mother”

The Empress Dowager looked at the King.

She knew that he must have heard some news from the town.

The King was very concerned about what happened in the town, and he even arranged his own men to watch the situation.

The Empress Dowager heard the news too from a hurried messenger.

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She was worried that the King would run to the town because he was worried about what happened there.

So she said, “I am here to tell you about what happened in the town.

The staff there said that she is not feeling well, and I have gotten five imperial doctors to check up on her.”

“It seems that she has not been in good health these days, and the doctors say that it is generated from the cold.

The imperial doctors should be able to handle it.

There are many things for you to worry about these days around the New Year, and I dont think that it will be a problem,” the Empress Dowager said with a serious look on her face.

Hearing these words, the King felt slightly assured.

He looked at the Empress Dowager and confirmed.

“So you are sure it is not a big deal”

The Empress Dowager nodded too.


Lets wait and see what the imperial doctors say when they get back, and then I will tell you what happens.” The Empress Dowager made a promise.

De Fu showed an expression of helplessness.

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