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Chapter 715: For Real

“Okay.” The Eunuch heard the order and immediately went to do it.

De Fu, on the other hand, asked his staff to take Honored Princess Jing back to the court.

It was not a good job given by the King.

Honored Princess Jing had been flourishing nowadays, but she was still driven away back to the court.

Now De Fu was more sure about what he had guessed – the Queen might seem to have been disgraced, but inside the Kings heart, the Queen was still the Queen.

However, he was not sure when the Queen would get back to her feet again.


De Fu still did not dare to offend Honored Princess Jing.

The King ordered him to teach Honored Princess Jing manners, but he was just a minor servant who did not dare to lecture a princess!

As they approached Honored Princess Jings palace, De Fu said with a flattering tone, “Honored Princess, here you are, I need to go home to tell the King that the job is done.”

The King ordered him to wait until Honored Princess Jing got changed into another dress and to teach her manners, but De Fu did not dare to mention that order when he was leaving.

So he just said that he was here to keep her company.

Honored Princess Jing was annoyed, but she did not dare to vent that upon De Fu.

“Thank you.”

She gave him no tips.

De Fu did not dare to ask for it either before he hurried away.

He had to keep the peace.

When De Fu left the Honored Princess Jings palace, he wiped away the sweat on his face, letting out a sigh of relief.

Honored Princess Jing became increasingly sad.

She found the whole thing really weird.

She got changed angrily and put on a casual set of clothes and hurried away.

She went to Cining Palace instead of heading to Qianqing Palace.

The Empress Dowager was her aunt.

She was going to help her against the Queen, and Honored Princess Jing was even confident that the Empress Dowager would defend her no matter what.

Only by helping her would Lord Ling have a better future, and only when Lord Ling had a bright future would the Empress Dowager and her family keep flourishing.

Honored Princess Jing was very aware of all of this, so when something like this happened, she did not hesitate turning to the Empress Dowager for help.

The Empress Dowager was taking a nap.

She was too old to be energetic all the time.

Seeing Honored Princess Jing, the Empress Dowager got impatient.

The Queen was already disgraced, but Honored Princess Jing acted as if she were incapable of being in power.

She kept coming to her for help.

The King already paid important attention to Lord Ling and promoted her title.

He even gave her the special right to be in charge of the princesses, but now… She kept running into trouble!

“What is wrong again” the Empress Dowager asked impatiently.

“Aunt, I just dont know what to do.

You have to help me,” Honored Princess Jing said with a look of sadness.

“I went to offer some food for the King while dressed in red today, but the King mistook me for Jiang Shuang and said that only Jiang Shuang is qualified to be dressed in red and that I dont deserve to do so.

He snapped at me and even asked De Fu to teach me manners.

The King is not ignoring Jiang Shuang.

He is favoring her more.

He loves her!”

Honored Princess Jing just could not accept it.

When the Empress Dowager heard her words, her expression changed and she sat up.


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Honored Princess Jing nodded and the Empress Dowagers expression sank..

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