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Chapter 714: The Queen

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The Qianqing Palace and the Imperial Study had rules – women from the chambers were not allowed to enter.

The King gave the Queen a special right – she was able to walk in directly without being stopped.

And at that time, the Queen was the only person that had the right to do so.

After Lord Ling married the Phoenix Girl and the Queen became increasingly disgraced, the special right was no longer valid for the Queen, but Honored Princess Jing got the special right instead.

She was allowed to walk into the Qianqing Palace and the Imperial Study directly without being given permission.

Honored Princess Jing was very satisfied that she had got the special right.

She walked in with the food, smiling brightly.

The King was in the middle of reading the petitions.

Although there were few civil affairs to deal with as the end of year approached, there were still many things to handle at the moment.

He had to go through each ministers bonus, for example.

When Honored Princess Jing put down the food, the King said briefly without looking up.


Then he continued to deal with his own affairs.

Honored Princess Jing did not leave directly, but chose an empty chair to sit down and took a book to kill time.

She did not return to her own palace because it was boring there.

She could just spend some more time at the Qianqing Palace to make herself look even more important.

After reading the book for a while…

She saw the King look up during the break.

He saw the red dress and became subconsciously happy as he said, “Hey, Shuang.”

At that moment, he felt as if he had gone back to the old times.

Honored Princess Jing heard that the Queens name was being called.

She was startled for a while, then she showed a saddened expression – she had done so much, why did the King mistake her for Jiang Shuang!

“King!” Honored Princess Jing said with a blaming tone, “It is me!”

Only now did the King notice that it was Honored Princess Jing, not Shuang.

The happy look on his face was gone directly, and his expression sank.

He put down the petition in his hands as he looked at Honored Princess Jing.

“What is wrong with you You have been in the court for more than a decade and you dont even know about the most basic manners and etiquettes

“I granted you the Honored Princess title, but I dont think that you like it.

“The Honored Princess is the Honored Princess, yet you are a concubine no matter what! Here, only the Queen is allowed to wear red!” The King snapped seriously.

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Honored Princess Jing had a terrible look on her face.

When she heard what the Empress Dowager said, she had assumed that the King had approved of her dressing in red, but the King was still defending Jiang Shuang.

Saying that she should keep the red color no matter what and that Honored Princess Jing did not deserve the red either.

The Honored Princess burst out into laughter out of anger.

“King, what do you mean”

The King looked at Honored Princess Jing and found her to be a strange woman.

She was not the kind-hearted woman she used to be, and when she got the Honored Princess title, she was no longer as close and obedient.

She was totally unruly now!

“What do I mean” the King shouted.

“De Fu, take Honored Princess Jing back to her court and teach her what an Honored Princess should be dressed in and what she should not!”

“Okay.” De Fu looked at Honored Princess Jing with a complicated look on his face.

Honored Princess Jing insisted on staying for a while before being brought away.

When she was brought away, the King noticed that something was wrong..

He asked the Eunuch to come in and said, “Bring Lady Chaoyan here.”

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