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Chapter 707: Gu Ruxue Showed off

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Honored Princess Jing had been in a very proud and happy mood when she walked out of her palace today.

She was, after all, just an Honored Princess, but she had thought that she would be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with the King, but the King did not like her clothes, and that was something she just could not get over.

The Empress Dowager threw a look at Honored Princess Jing.

That was indeed a color for the Honored Princess, but the Honored Princess Jing was not young any more and the color of her clothes made her look too shining.

After spending so many years in the court, she should not wear this kind of clothes to make herself look less elegant.

The King was not wrong, but the meaning he had implied… Well, The Empress Dowager snapped directly, “You can just get dressed in red some other day.

That person at the Weiyang Palace has nothing other than a title, and she has nothing other than a false name.

You will be able to have that position sooner or later, so red clothes will not be offensive at all.”

That would make her happy too.

Hearing what The Empress Dowager said, Honored Princess Jing suddenly understood.

She had thought that it was the King who disliked her, but that was not the point.

She had been too anxious to understand.

Honored Princess Jing showed a smile, “I understand.”

The Empress Dowager nodded calmly and glanced at the people in the lower seats.

Since it was an imperial banquet, there were women from the imperial family as well as princesses from other countries and wives, ladies of some ministers.

Those who were seated here were of official statuses.

There were many princesses arriving here from other countries.

Normally there were only two from each country, yet this year, three from the North Qi Land were here.

The princesses were comparing with each other.

As for the imperial family…

Lord Huai had not yet gotten engaged and Lord Qi was in the outer territory instead of being asked to come home.

As for the girls… Only Gu Ruxue and Gu Chaoyan were present.

Princess Xunyang was absent whilst other princesses were too young to sit away from their mothers.

There were not many people present.

The girls were seated with Madame Min, the wife of the Chu Family as well as the ladies.

The Min Family was a family with a history of over hundreds of years whilst Chu Tian was the Prime Minister.

So both sides were qualified to be present.

Gu Ruxue had been attending many banquets these days, so she had made some friends with the wives and ladies.

She sat down among them and started to chit chat with them vividly.

Lord Ling was quite popular now so everyone was trying to flatter Gu Ruxue.

On the other hand, Gu Chaoyan was alone, drinking tea by herself.

When Gu Ruxue was done with the wives and ladies, she turned to Gu Chaoyan and asked indifferently, “Lady Chaoyan, you are attending the Spring Hunt this year too, right”

Gu Chaoyan threw a calm look at her and nodded.


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When she heard this, Gu Ruxue showed a look of pride.

She was going to attend the Spring Hunt too, and despite her terrible skills in shooting and riding, Lord Ling told her that she was going to be given a magical monster as a mount, so she was going to shine with the monster under her.

She had been keeping the secret for a long while, so she decided to show it off at the banquet.

It was great that Gu Chaoyan was attending too.

Gu Ruxue showed a bright smile, “Then we can have a competition! Has Lord Huai picked a mount for you”

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