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Chapter 704: Plan

Gu Chaoyan looked at Sword One and felt a bit confused.

She found Sword One very difficult to fathom right now.

She was a hidden guard cultivated from the Shadow Door, but why was she like Qing She cared so much about what to wear every single day.

She poured Sword One tea, telling her not to waste any more time upon looking at the clothes.

She might find tasting the tea even sweeter.

“I can wear the clothes for daily life.

Those were given by Lord Huai and are of great quality, beautiful and warm.

I have not gotten married to Lord Huai, so I am not going to go as a Princess Consort, though I am attending the imperial banquet with him.

I can ask Xiu Jie to get a better-quality cloak.” Gu Chaoyan replied carefully as she looked at Sword Ones pursing lips.

Sword One looked helpless and sat down next to Gu Chaoyan.

She knew that Elder Miss was going to answer her in this way, but that would not work!

It was the imperial banquet and Gu Ruxue was the Princess Consort of Lord Ling and Elder Miss was the Princess Consort of Lord Huai, so Elder Miss should not be in the shadow of Gu Ruxue.

Besides, they were surely going to run into many people there.

She did not want her Elder Miss to lose to anybody, no matter what!

“Elder Miss, we should get better dressed! You should not let your beauty be buried!” Sword One answered angrily.

Gu Chaoyan chuckled.

Sword One was so lovely.

She could understand what Sword One was thinking, but it was not the right time for her to stand out.

She should stay low-profile, judging from the current situation.

She pinched Sword Ones face, and was about to say something, when Zhou Huaijin walked in and removed his own cloak.

Then he went to the basin to get rid of the cold.

Fu Bao was following behind, with a tray over his hands, not daring to walk in.

Zhou Huaijin said, “Sword One, get the things for your Elder Miss to look at.”

Sword One came out with a smile.

She presented the tray to Gu Chaoyan and said excitedly, “Look at this Elder Miss!”

“This is the cloak made from the fox fur we hunted a while ago.

The cloak is warm and the color looks great too.

We have made two, but the Aunt in the mansion says that she is going to make one in red after we get married.

The process is going to take a long while, so you will have to wait,” Zhou Huaijin said with a warm smile.

Having said these words, he found himself surrounded by warmth.

Then he walked straight to Gu Chaoyan and sat down next to her.

He took hold of Gu Chaoyans hands and placed them into his.

“The imperial banquet is around the corner, and we will have many things to deal with this year.

My mother will not appear, but I spoke with Madame Min so she will take care of you.

Dont worry.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She knew that he was worried about her, especially when everyone should be careful about surviving.

She would fear nothing being Lord Huais fiance, but now that the Queen lost the authority token and Xunyang had been granted to the prince of the North Qi, people who watched were all pretty aware of what was going on.

No one was going to respect Lord Huai any more.

That was what Zhou Huaijin was worried about, but Gu Chaoyan was not someone to be bullied.

She patted Zhou Huaijins hand and said, “Dont worry, I will be careful, but what are you going to do about Xunyang”

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