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Chapter 700: The Reason

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Zhou Huaijin looked about.

The snow was so heavy today that no one was around in the court.

No one was walking about.

He asked directly, “So”

Fu Bao was very cautious as he was talking.

He lowered his voice, “A couple of days ago, the Prince of the North Qi Land wrote a letter to his home country and then some people there transported things to the capital, and the Prince received them personally.

I thought that it was some money or jewelry for Princess Xunyangs marriage alliance!”


“Marriage alliance was about the country, and even if the King wants to take revenge upon the Jiang Family, I didnt think that he would do something so harmful for himself, but I dug around in the court and got to know the truth.”


“I saw a well-guarded palace somewhere in the court, and there are some mutated monsters in the court.

I think that those monsters are probably part of the deal.”

When Zhou Huaijin heard what Fu Bao said, he had a very complicated look on his face.

The mutated monsters were something that should not exist in the world, so what was the King thinking raising monsters like this That was going to be very chaotic to the world!

It was more than a complicated situation.

No matter what happened, Xunyang was his daughter and he was trading his daughter for such so-called monsters How ridiculous! It was definitely ridiculous!

Zhou Huaijin sped up and hurried outside the court.

He was sure what Fu Bao found was real.

Only this reason was strong enough to explain the marriage alliance.

He could just find a terrible husband for Xunyang if it was just for his own personal revenge.

“Fu Bao, go and send some people to the North Qi Land and see what is happening there.

If they can transport such monsters to the Saint Divine Land, then it means that there are more things like this in that country,” Zhou Huaijin said with a frown.

If that was what happened in the North Qi Land… The whole thing would become chaotic and they should be ready for that.

Zhou Huaijin left the court, but did not return to the mansion directly.

Instead, they went to visit Gu Chaoyans mansion.

He had to check up on Gu Chaoyan to see if she was doing well.

As they came to Gu Chaoyans yard, they saw that her room was still bright.

So he knocked at the door and went inside.

Gu Chaoyan was still reading the booklets Xiao Jin offered to her.

She had been spending a lot of time reading the booklets instead of focusing on other things! She put down the booklets as she saw Zhou Huaijin coming her way.

“What is it What did the King want you for”

Zhou Huaijin asked her to sit down.

He said calmly, “He asked me to stay down and be peaceful.

The King wants us to not cause any trouble.

He is really like a King now.”

Zhou Huaijin sneered, then he stopped talking about the King.

Instead, he recounted what Fu Bao told him to Gu Chaoyan, then he said confusedly, “Im not sure how those monsters are controlled..”

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