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Chapter 697: False Death

Gu Chaoyan nodded seriously.

Zhou Huaijin was asked to come to the court directly and with this expression on his face, Gu Chaoyan more or less guessed that something huge had happened.

It must be related to the Queen.

Previously, the relationship between the King and the Queen was subtle and it seemed that the Queen had more or less learned the truth.

And this truth… could not have been good from the point of outside view.

So she did not ask Zhou Huaijin why he needed to see Mr.

Zhao in such a hurry.

Instead, she just followed him there.

It had been snowing heavily these days, and Mr.

Zhao went nowhere other than the room, reading a book.

When Zhou Huaijin came hurriedly with Gu Chaoyan, Mr.

Zhao was obviously startled.

His usually calm-looking face showcased a touch of surprise.

“What is it”

Zhou Huaijin sat down with Gu Chaoyan.

He said, “Mom says that she has regretted what she has said and asks you to conduct the plan.”

Zhao Yiqiu was startled for a long while.

He had a very complicated look on the face.

She asked him to conduct the plan… that meant that the result was the worst.

He knew Jiang Shuang well.

She was a person who was brave about affection and hatred, someone who took responsibility.

So even if Zhou Sheng did not like her, she would not choose to have the plan conducted unless Zhou Sheng made a huge mistake.

And now she was asking him to conduct the plan.

That basically meant that Zhou Sheng had done something really serious.

Zhao Yiqiu clenched his fist tightly.

Jiang Shuang was someone he would like to spoil deeply so how dare he bully her like this!


Zhao, what is the plan” Zhou Huaijin asked Zhao Yiqiu, despite the strange look on his face.

Zhao Yiqiu brought himself back, then he smiled bitterly.

He had thought that the plan would never have to be conducted, but now it was time.

He said calmly, “You learned about the drug for fake death”

Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan looked at Zhao Yiqiu directly.

Drug for fake death

“Jiang Shuang is the Queen, and she will either die or spend the rest of her life in the court.

She will be your weakness if she chooses to stay in the court, but if she is away from the court, you can do whatever you want.

However, Jiang Shuang should not really die, so with the drug of fake death, she can get out of the court.” Zhao Yiqiu said calmly, “That is the plan I offered to her when Princess Xunyang received her first imperial marriage decree.

At that time she decided to skip it, but now…”

Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin exchanged a look with each other and both nodded.

That was the best proposal raised by Zhao Yiqiu.

If the Queen was not in the court any more, Zhou Huaijin could do anything he wanted.


Zhao, what do you plan to do” Gu Chaoyan asked concernedly.

It was an issue to make such a drug of fake death.

Zhao Yiqiu took out the bottle.

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“There are 138 pills in the bottle, one for each day.

It will make her look like she has gotten sicker and sicker until death arrives.

She will wake up on the third day after she passes away, and she will be as good as ever.” Zhao Yiqiu said.

Gu Chaoyan smelled the pills.

That was indeed a good drug.

She was about to say something when Fu Bao knocked at the door and said cautiously, “Lord, someone from the Qianqing Palace has asked you to visit the court..”

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