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Chapter 695: Your Plan

The Queen said nothing.

She had lost all energy to say anything.

She went back to the inner chamber of the Weiyang Palace.

Aunt Nan helped her to remove the coat and asked Susu to get her a new blouse.

The Queen had no energy or strength to change.

Instead, she just waved her hands and said to Aunt Nan.

“Aunt Nan, go and get Lord Huai.

I need to speak with him.”

Aunt Nan nodded and hurried away.

Aunt Nan kept blaming herself for not being able to do such an important thing first a while ago.

She had been confused.

When Aunt Nan was gone, Susu was left alone in the room.

Susu served the Queen some tea and helped her get changed into a set of new clothes.

Her Queen loved to be clean and hated the smell of blood.

Her Queen would not be very happy about having so much blood on her – that was what Susu was thinking inwardly anyway, but the Queen did not care about this at all.

She turned to Susu.

“Susu, when Lord Huai leaves, you go with him along with Seven.

You dont need to care about any other things.

Lord Huai will get you a proper place to live in.”

“No, I am not leaving!” Susu protested.

She feared nothing! She was not afraid of being bullied even!

The Queen shook her head.

It was different this time.

She was not asking Susu for her advice, but telling her what to do.

She should not stay in the court any more.

The Queen did not argue with Susu, because she was not going to change her mind this time.


When Zhou Huaijin hurried there, the Queen was in the middle of drinking the tea.

She was in such a hurry that she did not look as if she was tasting the drink.

Zhou Huaijin frowned.

“What happened, Mom”

“Two things,” the Queen said straightforwardly.

“One, it is about your sister Xunyang.

The King wants her to marry the Prince of the North Qi Land, and Xunyang is not going to do that.

You have to make sure this doesnt happen.”

“Two, it is about you and Chaoyan.

Be careful about what you two are doing, and dont get set up!

When she was done saying these two things the Queen felt weak.

She had never expected that she had been living such a huge lie.

When her father told her that Zhou Sheng was not a nice man and that she should not pick someone from the royal family and should choose someone from the noble families instead, she did not listen to him and believed that Zhou Sheng was a nice person, but… He had turned out to be such a terrible-minded person.

It was not she who insisted on marrying Zhou Sheng, but Zhou Sheng who kept approaching her and flattering her, asking her to marry him.

That was why her father told her those words.

Unexpectedly… Father gave him some warnings because he was worried about his behavior, but he believed that her father was threatening him and that the whole Jiang Family was bullying him.

Why didnt he ever think about the fact that after he took the throne, her father gave him the power of the military of his own accord.

Why didnt he ever think that before he took his throne, her father kept helping him, otherwise he would not have taken the throne either, but he was not at all grateful for this.

Instead, he kept complaining and now he was taking revenge.

The Queen laughed ironically.

“Also, one most important thing.

After you leave the court, go to Mr.

Zhao and tell him that it has all been my fault and that we can use the plan now,” the Queen said with an assured tone as she mentioned Mr.


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“What is your plan, mom” Zhou Huaijin asked confusedly..

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