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Chapter 692: Real or Not

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The Queen frowned tightly.

She sensed that something was wrong with what Honored Princess Jing said.

She said that the King would spare mercy to any other women in the court, but not her, and that General Jiang was already dead so no one was helping her.

How was this related to her deceased father

She and the King were now very far apart from each other, but they used to be a couple deeply in love.

What did Honored Princess Jing mean

The Queen seemed to realize that something was wrong, but then the idea went away, and she just could not catch the thought.

Before the King and she grew apart, they did not seem to have any argument with each other.

Everything seemed so sudden.

The changes just happened.

The Queen would like to know the answer, but she always failed to find the answer.

She thought that the answer was going to be given by the King, but Honored Princess Jing seemed as if she already knew everything.

The Queen showed a terrible look on her face.

Honored Princess Jing could not help but smile.

“Just dont keep on guessing, you will never get the answer.”


“I can tell you the truth right now, since you are already where you are.”


“You know why the King would never spare any mercy for you He hates you!”

As she spoke of that, Honored Princess Jing approached the Queen and stared at her.

She was smiling.

It was a very arrogant and proud smile.

“You were the Elder Miss of the Jiang Family who wanted to marry the King, and General Jiang threatened the King that only when he took you as the wife, the first wife, would the Jiang Family give him the support!” As Honored Princess Jing spoke of this, she showed a very fierce look on her face.

“What do you think your family is You had the military power in your hands, but you dared to threaten a royal son!”


“Honestly, if not for you, me and the King who were deeply in love with each other would have to suffer for so many years.

During the past decade, the King hasnt dared to treat me and Ling well, because whatever belongs to us, has been robbed away by you!”


“But things are different now.

A decade later, my Ling married the noble Phoenix Girl, and with the Phoenix Girl around, the King would not need to fear you, and the land would be completely controlled by the King!”


“So, you think that you are still useful Jiang Shuang, even if you stand here from now on, nothing will go your way.” When Honored Princess Jing finished saying this, she felt extremely pleased.

She had been waiting for this day for too long.

She had thought that she could easily replace the Queen.

Unexpectedly, the King was still tolerating Jiang Shuang and keeping her as the Queen.

Well, the country was the most important, and she was going to ruin Jiang Shuang totally so that she could feel pleased after suffering for so long.

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The Queen felt her eyes blurring up.

She felt that Honored Princess Jings face was twisted.

She did not argue anything with Honored Princess Jing.

Instead, she walked directly into the Qianqing Palace.

The Eunuch stopped her, but the Queen did not care and pushed him away.

The King inside also said, “Let her in.”

The Eunuch did not ask the imperial army to stop her.

The Queen interrogated directly as she walked in..

“Is Honored Princess Jing telling the truth”

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