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Chapter 685: Marriage

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Hearing that the Tribe Chief was here, Zheng Chenyi frowned.

That man was indeed cheeky.

He brought Zheng Yunfan here to steal the rank, and he had been so arrogant.

Chenyi had thought that he was already driven out of this territory and would never dare to step into this place ever again, but now he was here just on time.

He had just gotten the rank and now the man was here.

Hearing that the Tribe Chief was here, Mrs.

Duke North was still worried.

She could not help, but say to Zheng Chenyi.

“Chenyi, dont worry, you have gotten the rank and the Tribe Chief will not bully us like before.

You can say something nice to the Tribe Chief when you meet, so that we can all get on well from now on.”


Duke North was really worried.

Zheng Chenyi got the rank, but the Zheng Family was huge and as one of the members, Chenyi had to be careful.

Hearing what his mother said… Zheng Chenyi had a strange feeling.

He would have blamed his mother for being a coward in the past, but now he would not.

Instead, he said seriously, “Mom, I have gotten the rank so I will be Duke North from today on.

We dont have to do everything just to please others.

“Dont worry about the Tribe Chief.

He is a man with no justice.

I have gotten plenty of evidence and I will pass them to Dali Temple.

We need a new Tribe Chief!

“I have wanted to visit General Liu, but since the Tribe Chief is here, lets see what he wants.”

Having said these words, he looked at the housekeeper.

He asked the housekeeper to show the man in.


Duke Norths face changed.

“For real”

Zheng Chenyi nodded and patted mothers hands, telling her to feel assured.


Duke North smiled.

She had just been reminded that from tomorrow on, Chenyi would be Duke North and the servants in the mansion would call her Mrs.

Duke North.

Finally, there was a Duke North in the mansion! That made her really happy!

The Tribe Chief was there.

He looked at Mrs.

Duke North directly.

He was very aware of the mother and the sons personalities.

Zheng Chenyi was tough, but Mrs.

Duke North was an easy target.

She could be persuaded easily.

“Madame Duke North, I am here in regards to the family tree.

Chenyi treated me terribly in the past, so I removed him from the family tree, but now Chenyi has inherited the rank, so his name should be added to the family tree, so…” The Tribe Chief showed an awkward smile.


Duke North looked at him.

The Tribe Chief was waiting for Mrs.

Duke North to become anxious and beg them instead, but… she did not intend to do so.


Duke North asked.

“Tribe Chief, you said that Chenyi disrespected you before, what was that referred to I know Chenyi well, he is a well-disciplined man so what did he do that you removed him from the family tree”

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The Tribe Chiefs face changed.

That was quite unexpected… Since when did Mrs.

Duke North become so clear-minded

“He drove me and Yunfan out of the mansion!” The Tribe Chief said, “I am going to report this to Dali Temple.

I believe that Chenyi will not be able to sit steadily in his rank, because he gets the rank from his family name!”

“Then do that! You know pretty well why I drove you out!” Zheng Chenyi said coldly and asked his guards to remove the man.

A moment later, the Tribe Chief was driven out of the mansion.


Duke North asked seriously, “Chenyi, since you have inherited the rank, it is time for you to get married.”

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