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Chapter 673: Slap on the Face 2

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He had a terrible look on his face.

He had believed that this lady was waiting for him, and him only, but… She was not!

She returned to her original seat because she was waiting for someone else, not because she saw where he was.

Xuan Lin had been slapped right on the face in front of so many people for the first time in his life.

He threw a fierce look at Zhou Huailing.

Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin were about to leave together, when Zheng Yunfan came from the pitch and saw his mother on her knees.

She looked as if she were kneeling in the direction of the housekeeper of the Duke Norths Mansion.

Zheng Yunfan, who had already been furious about the loss, got even more furious at the sight of this – his mother was kneeling at a servant!

Fury arose inside him.

Zheng Yunfan lost the contest today, but the Zheng Family were not to be bullied by anyone.

How could his mother be bullied by Duke Norths Mansion, just because they had won a contest!

Zheng Yunfan bellowed furiously, “How dare you Duke Norths Mansion! You just won a game so how could you bully my mother like this and make her kneel down here! I want to report this to the King, so that the King can defend us!”

Madame Zheng did not even have time to stop Zheng Yunfan when he made a fuss.

The guards and Zheng Chenyi all stopped when they saw Zheng Yunfan coming in their direction.

Zheng Yunfan was about to punch Zheng Chenyi, when Gu Chaoyan took a step forward and said coldly, “Madame Zheng kneeled down by herself, no one asked her to.

As for why she did this, you can ask Madame Zheng first before turning to the King.

Even if the King knows the reason, you would not get justice.”

Zheng Yunfan threw a dubious look at her.

Madame Zheng also got up and stopped Zheng Yunfan.

“Yunfan, stop saying bull**.” Then she turned to Gu Chaoyan politely.

“Lady Chaoyan, it is all my fault, Yunfan knows nothing, please dont blame him!”

Gu Chaoyan glanced at Zheng Yunfan.

Zheng Yunfan showed a look of displeasure, but stopped what he was doing.

He knew pretty well what his mother was like.

If his mother did have justice on her side, she would not have stopped him.

It must have been his mothers fault.

Zheng Yunfan silently left with Madame Zheng.

Before Madame Zheng left, she still begged Gu Chaoyan for forgiveness.

Finally, it was quiet on the pitch.

Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin left together with the Duke Norths Mansion people.

When people from Duke Norths Mansion left together, it was finally very quiet on the pitch, with only Zhou Huailing and Xuan Lin, as well as Jian Yuxing who had been watching the show all this time.

Jian Yuxing said as if nothing had happened.

“Since the contest is over, Brother Xuan Lin, we should go back to our hotel.”

Xuan Lin showed a terrible look on his face and snorted.

“I dont like an ordinary miss anyway, I am going to marry the most noble of your country, a princess!” Xuan Lin said arrogantly to Zhou Huailing.

He was very angry with Zhou Huailing too.

Why didnt this man remind him about that lady so that he wouldnt be embarrassed.

Zhou Huailing was angry too.

Xuan Lin was too arrogant.

Why should the Saint Divine Land obey his thoughts

“Marrying a princess You will probably get disappointed.”

“Why” Xuan Lin said confidently as he looked at Zhou Huailing.

“Only the King has the call, right”

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