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Chapter 671: Waiting for Me

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Gu Chaoyan felt that she was jerked up, but the next moment when she saw that it was not Zheng Chenyi who collapsed, she let out a sigh of relief and felt assured.

She even had sweat coming out of her forehead.

The housekeepers and guards of the Mansion cried happily, “Young Duke won, Young Duke won! He won!”

Zheng Chenyi came excitedly to Gu Chaoyans direction.

He was wearing a look of victory.

“I won, I won!”

The guards leaped over the things that stood in front of them and rushed towards Zheng Chenyi.

The guards were all full of tears of excitement.

They had been waiting for more than a decade and finally, they saw the day when Young Duke got the rank! It had been a long time of waiting.

Even the housekeeper was wiping tears silently behind the crowd.

Zheng Chenyi subconsciously looked at Gu Chaoyan, who already moved her look upon Madame Zheng who was still on her knees.

She replied coldly after a long time of silence.

“Madame Zheng, have you seen what happened Young Duke won the rank, not your son.

Young Duke will always keep the rank no matter what happens.”

Madame Zheng felt as if she were in a surreal world.

She turned pale as she heard what Gu Chaoyan said.

How could that have happened That was impossible! Zheng Chenyi almost died a while ago.

She had asked the imperial doctor in the court, who told her that all he could do was to be able to walk.

How could he have beaten Zheng Yunfan That was impossible!

Madame Zheng had been confident.

What she had been worried about was whether Yunfan could beat the other brothers from the Zheng Family, since everyone else was not showing their full strength, but Zheng Chenyi

Madame Zheng just could not believe it.

Gu Chaoyan did not care how she felt.

Having said these words, she turned around and was about to leave.

She took some steps forward and noticed that Zhou Huaijin was still absent, so she stopped walking.

Zhou Huaijin knew that she was here, so he would come to her when he was done with his own business.

If she went about on her own accord, he would miss her, Gu Chaoyan thought.

So she returned to the original seat.

The crowd was getting smaller, since the contest was over and the majority of bystanders sneaked away.

Only the people from Duke Norths Mansion were still excited.

They were still standing where they were, cheering.

The whole family of Zheng Yunfan had not left.

They just could not believe the truth.

Gu Chaoyan frowned and found that Madame Zheng was still on her knees in front of her.

So she moved away, trying to stay away from her.


Xuan Lin, who was not faraway, had witnessed Gu Chaoyans leaving and returning.

He showed a brighter smile and said to Zhou Huailing next to him.

“I thought she was leaving, but she stopped because she saw me.

She is now waiting for me so that she can attract my attention.


She is a girl with a brain, smarter and franker than most of the ladies in the Saint Divine Land.

I like her.

Alright then, I will please her in this case.”

Xuan Lin started to walk towards Chaoyan as he said those words.

Zhou Huailing did not even have any chance to reply to him.

He had wanted to stop Xuan Lin, but he was too fast.

Xuan Lin was already in front of Gu Chaoyan as Zhou Huailing caught up with him.

“Miss, are you waiting for me”

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