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Chapter 664: Something Happy

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The Tribe Chief was embarrassed too.

He had always been hailed as someone in the family and the other family members all treated him well.

They had never been driven out of anyones mansion in this way.

The whole mansion treated him well, including Mrs.

Duke North, so what happened today

The Tribe Chiefs expression sank, he adjusted his hair and collar as he said, “What can we do Zheng Chenyi is such a stupid person who throws temper at me! When the rank is granted to us, we are driving him out of the family and he and his mother will never live in peace!”

The more the Tribe Chief talked, the more angry he became.

He wished that the competition could happen as soon as possible, so that Zheng Yunfan could get the rank and take revenge.

He was going to drive away that boy personally!

The Tribe Chief was so annoyed.

Zheng Yunfan, however, was not very satisfied.

He flattered the Tribe Chief just because he hoped to get the rank directly without any shortcuts.

If Zheng Yunfan had to win the rank through competition, what was he flattering the Tribe Chief for What could the Tribe Chief do

He was throwing a temper at him too!

“When I get the rank, I will definitely take revenge.

I gave him the offer, but he did not take it and instead broke off the relationship with us.

When I get the rank, he will be driven out of the mansion and out of the capital too.” Zheng Yunfan snapped.

However, he did not care what would happen to the Tribe Chief.

What was he flattering the Tribe Chief for, if he won the rank himself

Zheng Yunfan threw a cold look at the Tribe Chief and said, “Then I will go home to practise martial arts.”

Having said these words, he left.

The Tribe Chief looked at him in disbelief – so he left alone


At the mansion.

Sword One hurried home.

She had just witnessed the Zheng Family go to Duke Norths Mansion, so she was delayed, but she had gained some information so Sword One was quite happy.

Gu Chaoyan looked at her and poured her a cup of tea, asking curiously.

“What made you so happy You just went there to deliver the medicine.”

Sword One put the sword on the table and picked up the tea calmly.

She had spent a long time with Gu Chaoyan and they were more like sisters than mistress and maid.

So in front of Gu Chaoyan, Sword One had the tendency of playing some tricks, but… Gu Chaoyan was not as curious as Qing.

So if she did not get the answer after asking once, she would not ask again and would just wait for the answer quietly.

Sword One would tell the story sooner or later.

Sword One pursed her lips.

“Elder Miss, you are boring!”

“Tell me now,” Gu Chaoyan said.

Sword One nodded and said, “I am happy, because I think that Mrs.

Duke North will not need the medicine any more.

Young Duke is so imposing now, and he can support the whole mansion.

What would Mrs.

Duke North need to worry about if Young Duke is like this”

“What is going on” Gu Chaoyan asked curiously.

Sword One recounted the whole incident she witnessed today.

Gu Chaoyan was about to ask something after hearing the story, when Xiu Jie whispered..

“Elder Miss, Prince Muyi is here.”

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