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Chapter 663: Giving Up 2

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“You dont have to insist on this.

Even if you dont want to give it up, you still need to have a fight with us.

You are not physically strong enough to beat us, so no matter who wins the fight, you and your mother would not be taken care of.

After all, that would be a fight that we won!” Zheng Yunfan said calmly.

He showed a look of pride as if the victory were already in his hands.

Zheng Chenyi was younger than he was, and was raised by a woman.

It was normal that he never considered the whole situation.

Since Zheng Yunfan was older, he could tolerate his personality and explained the whole relationship to him patiently.

Zheng Yunfan sipped the tea and said calmly, “If you give up now, then things would be different.

The real heir will be picked directly, and since I am the Eldest Son of the Zheng Family, I will be the right heir for this.

Well, I will remember your kindness for what you have done, and you will always have a place in the family in the future.

I promise you this, and you wont have to worry about you and your mothers future.”

He looked at Zheng Chenyi as he finished the words.

As he was speaking, he did not think that Zheng Chenyi had any excuse to turn that down.

Zheng Chenyi was not a capable man with any ideas.

He would not become a successful person being a man raised by a woman.

Zheng Chenyi looked at these two people expressionlessly.

Mother was right.

The Zheng Family were trying to take advantage of their drawbacks! The Zheng Family must be the only people who could speak in such a shameless way.

Zheng Chenyi sneered.

“Tribe Chief, the Eldest Son, you think you are good enough” Zheng Chenyi shouted loudly, “Get them out of my mansion!”

The servants and the guards exchanged a startled look, then they got excited.

The guards carried the visitors and threw them outside.

The Tribe Chief was cursing, but the guards gagged him directly as he was dragged away.

When they came to the gate of the mansion, they were tossed out of the gate directly.

The guards did everything smoothly and fast.

They did not even care who was cursing outside.

Zheng Chenyi came out of the mansion too.

He stood at the gate with a straight back.

He looked very imposing though he had no expression on his face.

He said loudly, “Everyone! Anyone from the Zheng Family is not allowed to take a step into the mansion.

We fear nobody here!”

“Fear nobody, fear nobody!” The guards shouted loudly.

They were all Duke Norths old staff who had been guarding the mansion.

When Duke North passed away, Mrs.

Duke North was in charge of them.


Duke North had always been trying to keep peace, so they had been annoyed by the Zheng Family for years and today, the revenge was finally taken.

They could understand that Mrs.

Duke North was a woman with a young son and she could be worried about something, but with Young Duke here… everything was different!

Zheng Chenyi felt like crying.

It was his fault for not having thought the whole thing through.

Mother was always worried, and he always thought that it was because his mother was too timid, but now he realized that he was old enough to back up the whole mansion.

He should safeguard his mother and allow her to see how capable he was.

That was why his mother always came up with some ideas of her own instead of discussing anything with him!

Now he understood everything.

He understood it all!


Outside the mansion.

The Tribe Chief and Zheng Yunfan looked so embarrassed..

Zheng Yunfan snapped.

“Tribe Chief, he is too stupid to accept our offer, what should we do”

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