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Chapter 66: Curable

Gu Chaoyan nodded.


Lin showed a joyful expression.

That was her only son and what she wished most of all was to get him cured, although the hope might be very little.

After all, none of the doctors had been able to do that.

The Old Master looked slightly gratified.

The seriousness on his face lessened.

He had no idea how to start the conversation.

After all, they and the Gu Family, including Gu Chaoyan never visited each other any more.

Gu Chaoyan continued.



“I have a condition if he is cured.”

The words had just been spoken when the Old Master turned serious again and said to Mrs.

Lin, “See, I knew that the Gu Family are not here for nothing.

They are begging us for help.”

The Old Master felt disappointed.

When his sister died, he had seen through the Gu Family.

They had made efforts to try to bring away Gu Chaoyan fearing that she would live a terrible life, but it turned out that Gu Chaoyan also belittled the Lin Family for being poor.

For that he had been angry for ages.

So when Gu Chaoyan came to him, he felt expectations rising inside him.

However, sigh…

Gu Chaoyan did not say anything more.

There was conflict between them, and it was not easy to remove that.

It would take time.

When she cured Lin Jiashu, she could try to get close to her uncle and aunt.


Lin did not think that was a weird proposal.

She had heard some rumors… She knew that Gu Chaoyan was not doing well.

As long as Jiashu was cured, she could accept any kinds of conditions, because Jiashu mattered above all.

She patted Old Masters hands and asked, “What is your condition.”

“We can wait until I get him cured.” Gu Chaoyan said.

“Okay.” Mrs.

Lin could not wait any longer.

Gu Chaoyan was, after all, the person who cured the Young Master of the Wang Family.

That Young Master was not that healthy so if he was cured, Mrs.

Lin expected that Jiashu could be cured too.

“Jiashu is living at the Chuyun Pavilion, I will take you there to feel his pulse,” Mrs.

Lin said excitedly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

The Old Master had intended to ask her to take a break, but no words were spoken as he opened his mouth.

He did not want to ruin his wifes expectation, so he followed them far behind.

The Lin Mansion was not a large place so they soon came to Chuyun Pavilion.

Unlike other places in the Lin Mansion, Chuyun Pavilion was very quiet with few servants around.

Maybe someone had informed him about the arrival of a doctor, but Lin Jiashu was already waiting for them to come.

Gu Chaoyan noticed the scarily skinny young man who was drinking tea by the table.

He had a pale face because of the lack of sunshine.

“Jiashu, Chaoyan is here.” Mrs.

Lin said friendly and turned to Gu Chaoyan.

“He is one year younger, you can call him Jiashu or brother.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded and glanced at Mrs.


She wondered if Mrs.

Lin purposely mentioned that this young man was a brother one year younger.

She did not think too much about that, so she felt Lin Jiashus pulse.

During this time, Lin Jiashu offered his hand but showed no look of expectation.

It seemed that this young master did not have too much hope either.

Well… he was too sick to have any hope for himself.

Gu Chaoyan drew back her hand and Lin Jiashu started to drink the tea, showing no interest.


Lin could not wait but ask, “How is it, can he be cured”


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