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Chapter 656: For Chaoyan

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Duke North

Gu Chaoyan frowned involuntarily.


Duke North was the last person she wanted to meet.

She was too heavenly-minded and it was too tiring to talk with someone like that.

Although she did not care about what happened before, that did not necessarily mean that she would like to hang out with Mrs.

Duke North.

She sighed, but still decided to let her in.

She nodded.

“Let her in.”

Qing went to fetch the woman.

Xiu Jie, who was about to go out on business, ceased walking too.

He stood guard behind Gu Chaoyan.

There were many affairs to deal with at the mansion these days, but he had to take care of Elder Miss in case someone like Madame Huangpu appeared.

He needed to make sure that nothing bad happened to Elder Miss.

Xiu Jie had to stand by her side whenever a guest came.


Duke North soon arrived.

She was helped by her Aunt without any imposing air.

Her hair was somewhat unkempt, her face was pale and she was staggering.

The moment she saw Gu Chaoyan, she kneeled down directly before saying anything more.

She said with tears in her eyes, “Lady Chaoyan, please forgive me, it was my fault, but dont blame me any more, okay As long as you can forgive me, I can even sacrifice my own life.”

Gu Chaoyan dodged all of a sudden, avoiding Mrs.

Duke Norths kowtowing.

She just could not accept such a huge kowtowing and greetings from Mrs.

Duke North, even when she was married to Zhou Huaijin.

Sword One was frightened too.

She helped her up as she said, “Mrs.

Duke North, just get up, are you here to embarrass Elder Miss”

The aunt next to her helped her up as well.

Only in this way did Mrs.

Duke North stop trying to kneel.

Aunt looked at Sword One apologetically…

It was wrong of Ms.

Duke North to do so, but she could do nothing about it.

She was in a strange mood and Young Duke was not yet here.

If she stopped her, she would do something even worse.


Duke North kept mumbling her words of begging for forgiveness.

Gu Chaoyan frowned, feeling unhappily.

She did not regret saving Young Duke, but Mrs.

Duke North was stuck and she was like a ticking bomb who kept blaming her for whatever trouble they ran into.

A long while later, Gu Chaoyan brought herself back.

Soon she thought of how Zhou Huaijin told her about the difficult time Mrs.

Duke North had been going through.

So her heart softened as she asked, “What happened What are you doing here I have already received the payment, so I have dropped what happened before.


Duke North, why are you blaming me for everything all the time” Gu Chaoyan was still feeling quite angry, so she interrogated her.

She was not threatening her, but she could not be sure what Mrs.

Duke North would think.

She had such a heavy mind.

“The rank! The rank is gone! Chenyi is the Dukes only son and he should get the rank! Zheng Yunfan is part of the family, but he is not my husbands son, so why can he get it Lady Chaoyan, please, if you are offended, punish me instead, dont make Chenyi suffer! We have been waiting for the rank for more than a decade!” Mrs.

Duke North said with misery.

“Mother!” Zheng Chenyi heard her words when he walked in..

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