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Chapter 653: The Rank

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“I am afraid that probably one of your clan brothers will have to inherit the rank.” The King said seriously.

The rank had always been vacant.

He had thought about giving the rank to Zheng Chenyi for the New Year celebration, so that the whole mansion could be delighted.

However, an unexpected accident happened.

The King was feeling helpless.

Selfishly speaking, he would like to give the rank to Zheng Chenyi.

However, time was different.

The Phoenix Girl was found and when the Destiny Monk was found too, it would mean that everything might be possible.

The Saint Divine Land was a powerful land, but some major things would take place again in the future.

So every position in the general mansion should be well arranged.

Zheng Chenyi was not physically strong enough to lead the army, so it would not be practical for him to receive the rank.

If he did not have such a huge plan, then he would have given that rank to him.

The King felt somehow uncertain.

So he said, “However, this is not yet certain, you should see if you are physically strong enough to lead the army.

If you are, I can still give you one more chance to compete with the other brothers from the Zheng Family.

If you win the battle, then the rank will still be yours.

If you lose, then you have to drop it.

If you are not strong enough to lead the army, then you dont have to do those meaningless things.

I will pick someone from the Zheng Family.”

Zheng Chenyi held his fist tightly.

Duke North was his father, his birth father! That was the rank of his birth father, why should it be given to someone else who only wanted the title

What his mother had been expecting was that he would be granted the rank, so that she could have a peaceful rest, but now Zheng Chenyi was not being granted the rank at all!

Zheng Chenyi was feeling very uncomfortable inwardly.

According to the law of the country, the rank would be his when he became an adult! He was still alive, so why should the other clan brothers get the title Why was the King setting him and his mother up

Zheng Chenyi clenched his teeth tightly.

“What is your plan” The King asked.

“I will do the competition! Lady Chaoyan did tell me that I am not suitable to practise martial arts, but that doesnt necessarily mean that I am disabled.

If there is a chance, I will do the competition!” Zheng Chenyi said.

He was not going to pass the rank to anyone else.

That was his fathers rank and he was going to guard it tightly!

The King smiled with satisfaction.

He liked Zheng Chenyi.

He was a capable person, but unfortunately, he ran into an accident.

If he was up for the competition… then he would like to see this young man winning the title despite difficulty.

“That is what a young man should be like! You can start to make some preparations, when the date is set, I will inform you,” the King said.

Zheng Chenyi nodded.

He would like to thank the King, but he was speechless all of a sudden.

Was he going to thank the King who was going to pass the rank his father fought so hard for to someone else His father would not feel assured!

Zheng Chenyi left in distress.

The Eunuch was about to stop this rude man when the King stopped him.

“It is fine.

The less capable he is of accepting the truth, the more he will care about the rank.

That would be very good for me.

Just let him go.”

The Eunuch ceased his steps and continued with his own work.


At Duke Norths Mansion.

Zheng Chenyi had just walked into the Mansion when Mrs.

Duke North hurried to him..

“Chenyi, how is it, have you been granted the rank”

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