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Chapter 651: Zhao Yiqiu

Prince Muyi had no choice, but to cease his steps.

He was just a Prince, and he had to obey the order from the King both in his own country and here in the Feather Mulberry Land.

He had to obey the Kings order especially since he was from a weaker country.

The King said indifferently, “We still have some undone business, Lady Chaoyan will not take long.

Prince Muyi, please hang on a while until I am done with the talk.”

Prince Muyi had no choice, but to return to his seat.

The King said nothing to him a while ago, what did he mean by “undone business”

What did the King have to say to him Prince Muyi just could not understand.

Gu Chaoyan did not care.

She had no intention to get involved with the King and Prince Muyis business.

She was here to check up on the King by order, and that was her only business.

Normally, the King was doing well, but when the Eunuch asked her to be in the court, he told her that he was not feeling well.

Gu Chaoyan felt his pulse, and realized that nothing was wrong.

She squinted at the King and said, “You need acupuncture.”

The King was surprised.

Acupuncture He was not feeling unwell.

He had been drinking the medicine Gu Chaoyan prescribed and it worked well, but something was wrong with him now The King panicked.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She took out the bag and showed the rows of silver needles.

The Eunuch asked.

“Lady Chaoyan, do you need my help”

“Sleeves.” Gu Chaoyan said indifferently as she was cleaning the needles.

The Eunuch rolled up the Kings sleeves.

Gu Chaoyan came with the needles and found the spot that caused the biggest pain on the arm and put the needles on.

The Kings face was twisted.

It was very painful, but with Prince Muyi there, he could not possibly lose his imposing air, so he clenched his teeth, tolerating the pain.

Gu Chaoyan looked at the King with a sneaky look.

He was the King, so he kept asking her to come into the court.

It was a very cold day and it wasnt easy for her to be here, but he kept asking her to check him up.

Seeing the Kings twisted look, Gu Chaoyan felt slightly satisfied.

Then she put away the needles and said, “It is done, there is nothing else, just take the medicine accordingly.”

Then she looked at the King, waiting for his further orders.

The King smiled and pointed at one seat.

“Please take a seat, Lady Chaoyan.

Chaoyan did as she was told.

However, Prince Muyi felt restless.

He was flushing, and did not dare to look at Gu Chaoyan.

Lady Chaoyan was unaware of this, yet the young man just could not conceal his bashfulness and excitement.

The King was happy at the sight.

He smiled as he glanced at them two.

“Lady Chaoyan, come and drink some tea, you like tea dont you, as I heard” the King said.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and drank the tea in silence.

The King seemed to be in a good mood as he kept talking.

Gu Chaoyan did not say a thing, and Muyi was too shy to say anything.

So the King became the most talkative one.

In the end, the King could not help but ask..

“What is Zhao Yiqiu doing these days”

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