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Chapter 648: Your Plan 2

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“And you should never blame Yinghan for your leaving the Huangpu Family.

If you do, I will defend her even though she has no family,” Gu Chaoyan said in a serious tone.

Huangpu Sheng, instead of getting angry, laughed.

He looked very relieved and sat down on a stone chair in the yard, looking very relaxed.

“How would I blame Yinghan” Huangpu Sheng smiled.

“I am very aware of what the Huangpu Family is like.

It is actually a good thing for me to leave them.”

Huangpu Sheng sighed.

He might be a rough man, but he did make observations.

He was pretty aware of what the Huangpu Family and his father were doing.

“When my grandpa passed away, our authority token was taken away by the King, we are a General family and that token is our symbol.

Now that we dont have any token, the family position has fallen to the bottom.

Now we have to live depending on the Chang Family instead.”

“I insisted on learning martial arts.

My brother, Madame Huangpus son, is good at reading books.

Father expects that he can pass the imperial examination and become an officer in court, but during the past few years, he has not made any achievements! The Chang Family is much more excellent and promising than our family, and I bet that they must have promised my father something and that is why he insists that I should marry Chang Ru.”

“How pathetic for us!” Huangpu Sheng said, “Also, I left the Huangpu Family because I dont want to marry Chang Ru, not because of Yinghan!”

“But Yinghan… I wonder if she will still want to be with me when I have nothing left.

If she does, I will thank her deeply,” Huangpu Sheng said bitterly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She was very satisfied by the answer Huangpu Sheng gave to her.

It seemed that Huangpu Sheng was a man with dignity.

If that was the case, she hoped that Yinghan could live happily with Huangpu Sheng.

“Then what is your plan I can keep you for a while, but I wont be able to keep you for too long.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

Huangpu Sheng nodded and said with embarrassment.

“I will have to trouble you for a few more days, Lady Chaoyan.”

“I left home for the military camp when I was 15 and I havent spent much during the past few years.

I have saved all the money in the bank, not much, but enough to buy a small courtyard and get married.

It is almost the end of the year so it will take a while before I get to buy a courtyard,” Huangpu Sheng said honestly.

Gu Chaoyan was surprised.

She threw a look at Huangpu Sheng.

This man was full of surprises.

She had thought that he was a careless man only good at martial arts, but he had made such a discreet plan.

Oh well, he had some other ideas than practising martial arts.

“But… I dont think that I can keep my position right now.

I am General Huangpu because of my family, but now that I am no longer related to the family, my father will definitely get fired.

Even if my father doesnt, the Chang Family will definitely do that instead of him.

They want to force me to agree to the deal,” Huangpu Sheng said bitterly.

Hearing these words, Zhou Huaijin, who had been absent a while ago, returned and gave a light cough..

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