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Chapter 647: Your Plan

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When the words were spoken, Huangpu Sheng showed no expression on his face.

However, that shocked Gu Chaoyan.

Huangpu Sheng should be General Huangpus son, what made the father force his son to marry a girl who had lost her virginity Noble families always attached great importance to this point.

General Huangpu continued.

“What is wrong with Ms.

Chang The only thing she did was to lose her virginity! The whole Chang Family can be of great help for you, you need to think about it.”

Madame Huangpu nodded in agreement next to him.

With General Huangpu present, she did not need to make so many efforts.

As long as Huangpu Sheng married Chang Ru, everything would work out.

“Just leave, I wont return to The Huangpu Family and I wont marry Ms.

Chang.” Huangpu Sheng said calmly.


General Huangpus eyes widened.

He looked at Huangpu Sheng in disbelief.

So he would rather leave the Huangpu Family than marry Chang Ru

He burst out into laughter out of anger.

“Good, good, if you are getting out of the Huangpu Family, then you are no longer General Huangpu! You are not returning to Jiayu Pass either, just live with Xia Yinghan, and lets see what you can have for your life!” General Huangpu said angrily.

Huangpu Sheng stood there calmly, and said nothing.

He was wearing a look of resolution.

“Three days, I will just give you three days.

If you still cant change your mind, then leave the family!” General Huangpu snapped.

Then he turned around.

Madame Huangpu, however, was not quite sure.

She went forward and stopped him.

“What if he does not think it through What should Chang Ru do You cant….can you speak with him”

General Huangpu glared at her, then he continued to walk forward.

Madame Huangpu pursed her lips and followed.

As they were a few meters away…

General Huangpu snorted.

“You know nothing, Huangpu Sheng was born in the family and he has never suffered from any bitterness throughout his life.

He doesnt know what ordinary peoples life is like.

I dont think that he will give up his title as the General or leave the family.

When he thinks it through, he will definitely marry Chang Ru, so what your Chang Family should do is to keep Chang Ru for a while longer, that is all.”

He truly did not like how Madame Huangpu dealt with matters – she was always so anxious and had no idea what she should do properly.

He raised Huangpu Sheng, and did not need to threaten him.

When the most important thing of his was taken away, he would bend when the time came.

Madame Huangpu thought for a while and believed that it was a good idea.

She smiled with a flattering smile.

“You are always full of ideas.”

General Huangpu said calmly though he was feeling quite happy hearing the praise within.

“Huangpu Sheng will marry Chang Ru, but you have to tell Chang Ru not to do anything like that again! If that happens, we cant marry her!”

Madame Huangpu smiled and nodded.bEven if General Huangpu did not remind her, she would still give them some warning.

Such a mistake could only be made once, and any more mistake like this, even the Huangpu Family would not be willing to accept her.

After all, the Huangpu Family needed to have a good reputation.

When the Huangpu Family was gone, Gu Chaoyan looked at Huangpu Sheng and asked..

“What is your plan”

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