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Chapter 645: The Huangpu Family

When hearing these words, Gu Chaoyan stopped her move, put down the bow and gave the bow to Zhou Huaijin next to her.

Was she here for Xia Yinghan And judging from the way she was behaving… was she here for revenge

Yinghan had no family, so this woman could not have come from her family.

And most of her patients were princesses in the court, so they would not be here causing such trouble.

Maybe it was because of Xue Feihan

The suspicion lasted for just one second when Gu Chaoyan stopped.

That woman already shouted loudly, “How dare you think about marrying into the Huangpu Family”


Gu Chaoyan understood what happened.

It was because of General Huangpu!

It was quite normal for a man to have many wives and concubines in this era, so she could not be some concubine.

Gu Chaoyan sized up this woman running towards her from head to toes.

Since Xiu Jie was in the yard and Qing was at the gate, she failed to stop this woman who rushed in, but the woman was stopped by Xiu Jie as she came to Gu Chaoyan.

Xiu Jie was worried that this woman would hurt his Elder Miss.

“Who are you, how dare you break into my mansion” Gu Chaoyan snapped, frowning.

Hearing Chaoyans words, the lady showed no fear but said arrogantly, “Me I am Madame Huangpu!”

She was confident about what she was doing, because she knew that the woman Huangpu Sheng wanted to marry was none other than an orphan from the Saint College, who grew up at the Saint College!

This woman could not possibly have any “high-class friends”.

On her way here, she noticed that there was no board at the gate.

So this could not be a proper mansion with any powers supporting them.

Otherwise she would not have thought about breaking in.

She snorted.

Hearing that she was Madame Huangpu, Gu Chaoyan believed that something was wrong.

She asked Sword One to get General Huangpu whilst Qing went to take care of Xia Yinghan so that she would not come out of the room now.

You could never tell what this Madame Huangpu was up to.

She had to make sure that Yinghan was not hurt.

“What is your business breaking into my mansion” Gu Chaoyan asked coldly.

“What is my business” Madame Huangpu snorted.

“What business do I have I am teaching Xia Yinghan a lesson! She is a parentless woman so how dare she seduce Huangpu Sheng and try to marry into our mansion! What qualification does she have She is insulting our mansion! Bring her out and I will teach her a lesson.”

“I am not a person who makes fusses about anything, but Huangpu Sheng is going to marry Ms.

Chang, who is from a real noble family.

Xia Yinghan is a low-class woman who is not suitable for our family!” Madame Huangpu said proudly.

“Honestly… Xia Yinghan this bi*ch…” Madame Huangpu looked intimidating and was about to demean her, when Gu Chaoyan went forward… She slapped Madame Huangpu right in the face and looked at her coldly.

“I can talk with you, but I am not listening to you belittling Yinghan.

One more word, you will get more than just a slap on the face!”

“How dare you hit me! Do you know what Huangpu Mansion is!” Madame Huangpu said anxiously.

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