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Chapter 644: Spring Hunt

Gu Chaoyan just could not understand what fun would have happened except for the mess.

She looked at Qing in confusion.

Qing was pretty aware that her Elder Miss was not good at guessing.

So to avoid embarrassment, she said happily, “General Huangpu just dispatched some maids to take care of Lady Yinghan.”

Oh That was fun.

It seemed that General Huangpu must have borne what Gu Chaoyan reminded him of in his mind.

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

She felt that it was the happiness Yinghan deserved to have after experiencing so much bitterness after many years.

General Huangpu was indeed a nice man.


When Zhou Huaijin came to her the following day, he was holding a long box and wearing a happy smile.

He passed the box to Gu Chaoyan.

“Here is a present for you.”

Gu Chaoyan put down the teacup in her hands and looked at the box in confusion.

She opened the box, and inside was a very exquisitely-made bow.

The bow was tailor-made, different from the ones used by the soldiers in the army.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Zhou Huaijin.

“What did you give me the bow for”

Zhou Huaijin was startled.

Then he thought that maybe she was not aware of the event so he explained.

“It is almost the end of the year, and after that there will be a Spring Hunt.

At that time, ambassadors from the four countries will be attending the event, so will we from the royal family.

You and I are not yet married, but you are also part of the royal family as we are engaged.

So you will need to be at the Spring Hunt too.”


“We are not competing in the hunting.

However, if we can get some prey, we will be promised a happy and peaceful year!” Zhou Huaijin said happily.

He never believed any of this, but things were different now.

With Chaoyan around, he hoped that she could always be happy and safe.

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

She was reminded of this event at this time.

She picked up the bow and checked it out.

The bow was really exquisitely-made, smaller in size than the normal ones, totally suitable for her to use.

“When is the Spring Hunt” Gu Chaoyan asked.

She was good at using the bow, but she hadnt used it for ages.

So in order to get better at hunting, she decided to do some practice.

“The tenth day after the New Year.” Zhou Huaijin replied, sounding worried.

“Normally, it is our Elder Brother who leads us to do the Spring Hunt, but father asked him not to return this time.

So I am not sure who will be the leader this time.”

Elder Brother was the Eldest Son, so he was right for the position, but his father needed to think about someone else to replace the position this year.

He had no intention of being the leader, yet Zhou Huaijin did not want it to be Zhou Huailing.

He sighed.

“Anyway, lets drop it.

I will take you for practice.” Zhou Huaijin said, “The snow has stopped.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

What they needed was just a target for practice.

She asked Xiu Jie to get the tools ready and soon they started to practice.

Gu Chaoyan made an attempt, and she got it at the first attempt.

Zhou Huaijin smiled brightly.

His Chaoyan was good at everything!

“Chaoyan, try the center!” Zhou Huaijin encouraged her.

Gu Chaoyan was about to try the center when a womans scream arose.

“Is Xia Yinghan the bi*ch living here!”

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