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Chapter 643: Asking Her!

Xue Feihan looked so miserable and twisted.

He wanted to treat Xia Yinghan as his family, but he was bothered by how Xia Yinghan was in love with him.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Xue Feihan, finding him the most confusing man ever – if he did not like Xia Yinghan, why must he get stuck to her Maybe he was in love with Xia Yinghan yet he was not aware of that at all.

However, that did not necessarily mean that he could constantly hurt Xia Yinghan.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Xue Feihan.

“If you only treat her as family, why insist on making her go back to Saint College”


“If you are not going to be together with her, then just give her your best wishes!”


“You need to grow up.

You are old enough to get married and have children, so is Yinghan.

She should have happiness of her own instead of following you around.

You are her family, you should give her your best wishes.”

Xue Feihan was still confused, but after a long while, he suddenly realized what Gu Chaoyan meant.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan in disbelief.

“What do you mean Yinghan has found someone”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

“And he is not you, so you dont have to feel burdened.

You can just stay as part of her family.”

“Who is that man” Xue Feihan was not convinced inwardly.

“No one can be a good match to Yinghan!”

Gu Chaoyan did not give the name.

Yinghan and General Huangpu were not officially engaged, so she could not reveal the connection, but… She truly could not agree with what Xue Feihan said.

She replied coldly, “Whether or not he is a good match doesnt depend on you, but on Yinghan.”

“Xiu Jie, walk him out,” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

“That is impossible!” Xue Feihan shouted loudly.

Yinghan had met someone she liked Impossible!

Xue Feihan was truly confident about this point.

He had known since he was little that Yinghan had always liked him and cared about him.

She would always blame herself for making mistakes whenever she was in a bad mood and she even got a bit upset and angry when he treated Huang Xuan well.

He had known Xia Yinghan for almost a decade.

He personally believed that Xia Yinghan would not change at all.

So he was confident enough that Xia Yinghan would come back.

So what happened

It was not a long time after they were separated, and she had changed and found someone she liked Impossible!

That man could not be as good as he was.

He had not been in a long relationship with Yinghan as he had!

Xue Feihan was so confused inwardly.

Xiu Jie pulled the distracted Xue Feihan out of the mansion and slammed the door shut.

Only now did Xue Feihan realize what happened.

He struck the door subconsciously.

“Let me in! I need to see Xia Yinghan, I need to talk with her personally!”

However, what he received in response was silence.

Xue Feihan staggered back to Saint College.

He just could not accept the truth.

He had to know who that man was!


Gu Chaoyan and the others returned to their own rooms.

Gu Chaoyan sighed heavily.

She found the whole thing very complicated.

Xue Feihan was possessed.

He desired too much, but gained nothing back.

Gu Chaoyan sipped a cup of tea.

Qing rushed in happily.

“Elder Miss, guess what fun has just happened!”

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