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Chapter 642: Help Me

Xia Yinghan smiled.

She said honestly, “I was planning to head to the South after leaving Jiayu Pass, but I ran into some robbers on the way.

General Huangpu passed by and saved me.

“General Huangpu had a lot of soldiers who got poisoned, and he was in a hurry to get some doctors.

I happen to be a doctor so I went with him to check them up.

They were not seriously poisoned and I managed to handle that.

Then, my trip to the South was delayed.

“There are few military doctors at the border yet there are way too many soldiers.

Many soldiers dont get cured for minor illnesses.

I spent some time in the army and understood why Huang Xuan doesnt want to come home.

“Then I fell in love with General Huangpu, so we are here to discuss getting married.

“I have no family, but General Huangpu will get the whole thing done,” Xia Yinghan said confidently.

She was totally different from before.

She used to always be worried, but now, she was no longer like that.

Xia Yinghan seemed to trust General Huangpu deeply.

Gu Chaoyan was very happy for her.

When she mentioned this man, she was confident.

So it basically meant that he had given her a strong sense of security.

Xue Feihan was not at all a good suitor for Yinghan and Xue Feihan was not even in love with Yinghan.

It was a great thing that Yinghan was no longer attached to Xue Feihan.

Gu Chaoyan patted Xia Yinghans hand.

“Yinghan, I hope you can be this happy all the time.”

Xia Yinghan nodded.

Gu Chaoyan arranged a maid from the mansion to take care of Xia Yinghan before leaving.

She felt so relieved.

She was just on the way back to her own room, when a man rushed out of the woods.

Gu Chaoyan subconsciously took a few steps backwards at the sight of the rushing figure whilst Sword One pulled out the sword and stood in front of her.

Xiu Jie rushed up to her side as well.

Only now did Gu Chaoyan notice that it was Xue Feihan.

He must have been in such a rush that he was totally flushed.

Xue Feihan was about to speak when Xiu Jie gripped him and bellowed with a strict face.

“What are you rushing about for You have offended Elder Miss!”

Xiu Jie walked Xue Feihan out of the mansion.

He felt that this man was in a strange mood.

He rushed off in rage, but staggered around the neighbourhood.

He kept asking him some irrelevant questions, like about the trees and the flowers.

The snow had covered up the plants so how could he possibly tell what plants they were.

Only now did Xiu Jie realize that this man was planning to meet Elder Miss once again.

Instead of bellowing at Xiu Jie, Xue Feihan looked at Gu Chaoyan and said, “Lady Chaoyan, please help me.

Please help me talk with Yinghan.

Where can she go if she refuses to return to Saint College She has no parents or family, is she going to spend her whole life at your mansion We three are all parentless and we should be at Saint College together!” Xue Feihan said reasonably.

“I know that Yinghan is just angry with me.

She likes me, but I only treat her as a sister.

She doesnt have to make herself suffer so much.

I can ask her to return to the school with me, but I cant be with her.”

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