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Chapter 635: One Thing

Prince Muyi had not intended to express his own feelings so soon, because he was aware that ladies in the Saint Divine Land were relatively more introverted and he expected to stay longer in the Saint Divine Land, then he could get to know Lady Chaoyan better and let her see what merits he had.

Yet he had not expected that the dumb Imperial Master acted on his own and went to talk with Lady Chaoyan without his authorization.

Therefore, he had to confess what he was feeling.

He would like this message to be passed on to Lady Chaoyan directly, telling her that he liked her and would like to marry her in a proper manner.

Lady Chaoyan had no one to lean on after she was driven out of the family.

He had thought about this before.

If she was going to the Feather Mulberry Land with him, he was not going to betray her like his father did to his numerous concubines, whom he did not really care about.

He was going to care for her.

He was going to stand by Lady Chaoyans side and defend her.

That was what Prince Muyi was planning inwardly.

He told Sword One about this, hoping that Sword One could pass on the message for him.

In the meanwhile, he looked at Sword One sincerely and said, “Miss, could you please pass on this message to Elder Miss”

Sword One looked at Prince Muyi with a complicated look on her face.

She had thought that the Imperial Master was trying to frame Prince Muyi for the cooperation, so he went to the mansion for that talk.

Unexpectedly, Prince Muyi was into the Elder Miss for real!

Well… if Elder Miss had not been engaged, she could pass on the message, but her Elder Miss was already engaged, so these words were just…

Sword One finally decided to remind him.

“Prince Muyi, Elder Miss, is already engaged.

Are you sure you want me to pass on the message to her”

Sword One looked at Prince Muyi with a complicated expression on her face.

“What” Prince Muyis face changed and he just could not believe or want to believe that.

He widened his eyes and asked, feeling unconvinced, “Lady Chaoyan….is engaged”

Sword One nodded.

Prince Muyi kept shaking his head.

His eyes were red as his hands became a fist.

He was trying to make himself look calm.

“Who is… is he Can you tell who he is I am fine… I mean, if he is a nice guy… I mean, then, I will tell Lady Chaoyan… who is he” Prince Muyi could not talk freely.

He subconsciously tried to reach the teacup so as to conceal his emotions, but out of extreme sadness, he picked it up and put it down directly.

He was still a young man… he was not that capable of concealing his own emotions.

He had revealed his own emotions right in front of Sword One.

Sword One felt concerned.

This Prince was an innocent and straightforward man, and he was very truthful to the Elder Miss, it was just…

Sword One sighed.

“It is Lord Huai.

Prince Muyi, dont worry, Lord Huai and Elder Miss have known each other since they were little.

He is going to treat Elder Miss well.” Having said these words, Sword One took a few steps backwards without looking at Prince Muyi.

“I will be off now.”

Prince Muyi shook his head and then nodded.

He nodded in the end.

His eyes were red, but tears had not come up.

It was such a saddening thing, but he was trying to make himself look steady and peaceful.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “Can you do me a favor, please”

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