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Chapter 631: You are in Trouble

Having said these words, the Imperial Master kept his head highly-raised.

He was waiting to see how Gu Chaoyan was going to thank him, and he was going to take revenge on the servant as well.

He already had come up with a solution to punish that man.

Well, the Imperial Master did not brag about Prince Muyi.

People with common sense would know what Prince Muyi was like, and people from the Saint Divine Land would have a better idea of what he was talking about.

And business people never had a great position in any country.

Lady Chaoyan was the last kind of woman that people would want – she was driven out of her family, and she was a businesswoman.

No family in the Saint Divine Land would want to marry her, so those who wanted to marry Lady Chaoyan would either go for her money or have no rank in their family.

No one would be as noble as Prince Muyi!

That was the best for her, and the Imperial Master believed that it was the best they could offer.

Prince Muyi was too dumb to understand that, so he had to do it personally.

“Me A Concubine” Gu Chaoyan sneered.

“You are not joking, are you”

The Imperial Master held his head high up in the air, but when he heard Gu Chaoyans suspicion…

He got slightly displeased – so she was sneering at him, the Imperial Master

He might not be someone from the royal family, but he was still a powerful man back in the Feather Mulberry Land… what he said was true!

The Imperial Master said unhappily, “I know that you are not good enough for Prince Muyi, but he likes you.

I would not want to approve of this.”

The Imperial Master, who had been feeling rather displeased, was trying all he could to save his own face.

So he had to make some disguises of what he was saying

He had just said the words, when Sword One could not tolerate it and burst out, “How dare you!”

She put the sword up to the Imperial Masters neck and glared at the Imperial Master fiercely, “You know what crime you have committed”

Sword One did not even save any of her force.

Blood already came out of the Imperial Masters neck.

Sword One would have killed him directly if not for some other concerns.

The Imperial Master suddenly got scared.

He touched his neck with shivering hands, and when he saw the blood, his eyes almost popped out.

“What are you doing! I am on a visit to your country, how dare you, this minor woman without a family, touch me! I will report this to the King and he is going to punish you!”

Hearing the words… Sword One could not tolerate her anger any more.

How dare this man bully Elder Miss just because she was driven out of her family

Sword One withdrew her sword and gave the Imperial Master some kicks.

The Imperial Master rolled about in pain.

He looked at them with a look of disbelief.

“How dare you!!”

However, Sword One continued to kick him the moment he talked and Gu Chaoyan did not stop Sword One.

Gu Chaoyan was driven out of the family and had no Gu Mansion as backup, but she was not a person to be bullied in any corner of the world, including the Saint Divine Land.

Anyone who was bullying her was going to pay.

The Imperial Master made some more threats, so Qing stepped forward and kicked him too.

With hands over his head, he said, “You are in trouble!”

Gu Chaoyan asked Sword One and Qing to move away and walked forward and looked down at him, saying coldly, “You are wrong, Imperial Master, it is you who are in trouble.”

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