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Chapter 630: For Your Sake

Gu Chaoyan showed no expression on her face after hearing what the Imperial Master said.

She took a sip from the teacup next to her.

Then she turned to the Imperial Master.

“I have few staff working at the mansion, and he is very busy, so he never gets lazy.

Xiu Jie is my trusted man and he would never do anything like that.

Maybe you have misunderstood something about him”

Gu Chaoyan picked the important points to stress.

The Imperial Master was so annoyed that his face turned blue.

He tried to calm himself down and then said, “Lady Chaoyan, you better hire more servants.

It would not be proper if things continued like this.

You would offend your honored guests! I am a good-hearted person so I dont mind being mistreated, but I cant guarantee that the others would not.

So it would not be a proper thing for you.”

Gu Chaoyan gave out a very dry smile.

Well, she had never cared about this thing.

It was this man in front of her who got angry.

Instead of arguing with him, Gu Chaoyan asked calmly, “What do you want, Imperial Master”

Hearing Gu Chaoyans question, the Imperial Master suddenly remembered that he was here for something important.

He was not here to talk about a servant!

When he settled the deal, he was going to take revenge on this servant sooner or later, because when Lady Chaoyan became the Princes wife, he could do whatever he wanted with the staff she had!

The Imperial Master laughed proudly.

He seemed to be in a better mood.

“Well, I am here talking about something with you.” The Imperial Master said seriously, “I am here for Prince Muyi.”

When Prince Muyi was mentioned, the Imperial Master looked even prouder.

Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly.

For Prince Muyi Then why was Prince Muyi absent

Gu Chaoyan had met the Imperial Master before, and did not think that he was a nice man.

Gu Chaoyan felt that the Imperial Master was always up to something terrible and kept showing his ambition by setting up tricks, all the way from the wine affair at the Yellow Crane to the time when they signed the deal.

And today…

Gu Chaoyan did not believe that he was up to anything good either.

She sipped the tea and asked the Imperial Master.

“Oh yes”

“Our Prince Muyi is the Elder Prince of the Feather Mulberry Land, and he is the Prince our King adores above all.

Prince Muyi has been the ambassador to visit the Saint Divine Land, so our King thinks highly of him.

Prince Muyi is also a Prince the ministers support back in our country.” The Imperial Master said proudly, but apart from all of these merits, Prince Muyi wasnt a tricky person, so he was the most easily manipulated.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She could tell.

The Saint Divine Land was the most powerful land among the four countries, so the princes from other countries that visited this land must have an important position in their home countries.

And Prince Muyi, who had been on such visits many times, must have an important position back at home.

That was true, but… Why was she told all of this Even if it was about the cooperation, the deal was already settled and there was no need to mention such a thing any more.

“What is your purpose in telling me all of this” Gu Chaoyan asked calmly.

The Imperial Master smiled briefly.

When he was done with the background, he stated his real purpose.

The Imperial Master said proudly, “Prince Muyi is not yet married, nor has he gotten engaged with anyone.

He is turning 20 years old and soon he is going to find a suitor.

Lady Chaoyan, you were driven out of the family and I dont believe that you have anyone backing up your marriage.

Prince Muyi can marry you as a concubine, which is the best choice for you.”

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