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Chapter 617: No Pulse

However, that ring over her faded away within a second.

Zhao Yiqiu could not believe his own eyes.

He subconsciously looked at Gu Chaoyan, who was still in a coma, but for some reason, when he saw the red ring, he was no longer that anxious.

He sat down at the table, feeling much more relaxed.

Sword One, however, was quite anxious.


Zhao, how is our Elder Miss, what is her illness Is she going to take the medicine, when will she wake up”

Zhao Yiqiu was totally calm.

He looked at Sword One and said, “No need, just wait here, she should wake up soon.”

Zhao Yiqiu did not dare to make any prescription, nor did he dare to do anything.

Lady Chaoyan had no pulse, so he could not feel her pulse to see what her illness was – he could possibly get her killed.

So the best way was to wait.

When they were waiting, Zhao Yiqiu thought for a while and said, “Sword One, if something like this happens to your Elder Miss again, come to me only, not to other doctors!”

Sword One found Mr.

Zhaos words strange, but she still nodded.

Only now did he feel much more assured.

He could make sure that he kept the secret for Lady Chaoyan, but he could not guarantee that her secret would be kept by someone else.

Also… judging from how Sword One and Qing behaved, Zhao Yiqiu believed that Lady Chaoyan herself had no idea what happened to her, otherwise she would have told the maids to be prepared.

The three of them were waiting in the room.

A while later, Gu Chaoyan finally woke up.

When she woke up and found them standing in the room, she felt rather confused.

“What happened”

“Elder Miss, you never woke up no matter how much we called you! So I brought Mr.

Zhao here,” Sword One said.

She almost burst into tears.

Gu Chaoyan was still confused.

She had no idea what happened to her.

She had just been asleep.

Zhao Yiqiu looked at Sword One and Qing and said, “Go and get some food for your Elder Miss, she must be feeling hungry right now.”

Qing was about to say that the food was ready, when Sword One gave her a tug and they left.


Zhao never gave servants orders, so when he did so, he was probably ready to speak with the Elder Miss and found an excuse for their absence.

When Sword One and Qing left, Qing went to fetch the food whilst Sword One was guarding the door, making sure that no one was eavesdropping.

When Zhao Yiqiu and Gu Chaoyan were left alone in the room.

Gu Chaoyan asked Mr.

Zhao if he had something to say.

So she asked, “What would you like to say, Mr.


Zhao Yiqiu nodded seriously.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan and asked cautiously, “Lady Chaoyan, do you know your own physical conditions”

Gu Chaoyan was confused.

“My physical conditions”

Zhao Yiqiu nodded.

It seemed that she herself had no idea of what he meant…

Then, what was it with her

“Lady Chaoyan, are you really Lady Chaoyan, someone from the Saint Divine Land” Zhao Yiqiu asked Gu Chaoyan as he stared at her.

He found that the whole thing was way too strange.

It was the strangest thing that had happened to him after being a doctor for so many years.

Gu Chaoyan was startled.

What did he mean Did he notice something She was a soul from a different world, but she could not say that out loud.

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

“Of course, why do you ask, Mr.


Zhao Yiqiu let out a sigh of relief, then he said, “Lady Chaoyan, you dont have any pulse… only dead people have no pulses, yet you are alive…”

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