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Chapter 609: Rumors

Prince Muyi and the Imperial Master showed a weird expression on their faces.

Wasnt Lady Chaoyan the Elder Miss of the Gu Mansion Why was this man looking so disdainful when she was mentioned.

That was not possible.

Prince Muyi found the whole thing strange.

He asked.

“Who is she then”

Gu Zhenkang snorted.

He even forgot about asking him to take a seat in the mansion.

Instead, he started to tell the story.

“Her mother was a businesswoman and she is just like her.

She loves money so badly! She deserted me for her dowries, and she even sued me in the Governmental Office, for that little amount of money! Then we drove her out of the family, we cant keep someone like that here.”

Gu Zhenkang observed Prince Muyi as he was telling the story.

He did not seem to reveal any disdain, so he thought that maybe it was because of the cultural differences that made this prince show no expression.

Gu Zhenkang rolled his eyes and continued.

“What is more, she is a vicious person who never saves the dying.”

“When her Elder Brother got injured and almost passed away, she refused to save him no matter how much we begged her.

She even asked us for money, a lot of money! I am her father, her Elder Brother is her brother and she was asking us, the family, for money! How could that make any sense! And we raised her too!” Gu Zhenkang said excitedly.

Excitement left Prince Muyis face, which showed a look of strangeness.

Was Lady Chaoyan like this That could not be true.

Back at the restaurant, Lady Chaoyan was a confident, smart and shining person, and she was someone who talked reasonably.

How could this be true

“But is she here” Prince Muyi asked.

He would like to confront her personally.


She is cold-hearted and has caused anger among us.

The leader of the Gu Family has driven her out.” Gu Zhenkang said, feeling quite good.

Prince Muyi did not ask anything more but intended to leave.

Gu Zhenkang would not let him go so easily.

At this time, Chen Fu and Gu Xiuying arrived.

Gu Zhenkang said with a smile, “Prince Muyi, you dont know the capital right Let our Third Lady show you around”

Prince Muyi looked at Gu Zhenkang.

He just could not understand it.

He was pretty aware of one rule in the Saint Divine Land – ladies from big families here did not show men around, only ones who were engaged did that.

Also, he had never met anyone from the Gu Mansion… what were they thinking

Even the ladies in the Feather Mulberry Land would avoid seeing strange men, even if they might be engaged, but this father was arranging for the girl to do this!

Gu Xiuying showed a smile – he was a Prince, that was already enough for her! At least she would have an equally good marriage as Gu Chaoyan – she was marrying a Prince too!

Then she turned to Gu Zhenkang who nodded at her.

Gu Xiuying acted more actively and came to Prince Muyi.

“Please, let me show you around!”

Then she took a step closer!

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