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Chapter 604: Analyses

“You might not be able to deal with the King well.

The King hasnt got an official heir yet, and the other princes are aiming at your position… We must not make any mistake.

We have to do something great!” The Imperial Master reminded him.

The King of the Feather Mulberry Land was already quite old.

It was time for him to think about his heir.

The Imperial Master believed that Prince Muyi could become the King and he was offering to get the throne for him so that he could remain as the Imperial Master.

Also, Prince Muyi was an innocent person, easy to manipulate.

Everything he was doing right now was for Prince Muyis sake.

So the Imperial Master was telling the truth about that.

Although they were a little bit apart from each other, Gu Chaoyan, who had been through tough training, had better hearing than others.

So Gu Chaoyan heard every word they said.

However, she remained silent.

She was going to see what the Prince was going to do.

If they were trying to set her up, Gu Chaoyan was also going to come up with an idea to counter them.

Hearing what the Imperial Master said, Prince Muyi said without much consideration.

“Imperial Master, we should not do something like this.

We are here to seek justice, because we believed that they stole our recipe, but now we are clear that they did not steal anything from us, so we should not frame them.

We should follow the truth.”

Prince Muyi ignored what the Imperial Master said after he finished the words.

He turned around and greeted Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin.

“It is our fault for having misunderstood you, please, Lady Chaoyan and Lord Huai, forgive us.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at this Prince.

She was a bit surprised.

He was a special man who did not have much conspiracy in the imperial court.

She would not mind boosting him up, if there was any chance.

Before Prince Muyi left, he took one more look at Gu Chaoyan and left with his staff.

The Yellow Crane was empty when they were gone.

There were too many people from the Fan Nation here, and Manager Song was worried that they would hurt the guests, so he asked the other guests to leave without charging them, no matter whether they had eaten anything or not.

Luckily, no accidents happened.

Yellow Crane remained as it was before Chaoyan arrived.

They did not need to clean up anything.

Gu Chaoyan looked at them and said, “You have worked hard, please get three more yuan a month for the salary.

Now you can continue with your business.”

The pageboys and Manager Song expressed their gratitude.

Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin got onto the wagon and started to head home.

As they came to the wagon, Zhou Huaijin said, “The Feather Mulberry Land is having a hard year, so they have a lot of wine with them and planned to make a fortune before they go back home, but they have made a mistake.

I am afraid that they will not be able to make enough money and the Feather Mulberry Land is declining due to the peace.”

Zhou Huaijin sighed and shook his head.

He just did not get it.

That was not a small country with a relatively large population, so why was it getting worse and worse.

“That has something to do with themselves.” Gu Chaoyan added.

“Their selling method is wrong.”

Zhou Huaijin looked at Gu Chaoyan.

“What do you mean”

“Prince Muyi revealed that only the royal family are allowed to make the wine, and those who know the recipe are devoted people.

That basically means that they never thought about selling the wine.

If what they say is true, then they should have sold the wine to other countries to start their business, and they would not have fallen into such a terrible circustamance.”

Zhou Huaijins eyes brightened.

He sighed emotionally and asked, “Do you have anyway to help them”

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