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Gu Zhenkang was feeling extremely furious.

He raised his hand and slapped right across Gu Chaoyans face, without a moment of hesitation.

Gu Chaoyan did not manage to dodge it successfully.

She had just escaped death and was beaten by her sisters a couple of days earlier.

As a result, this slap drove her to fall on the ground.


Gu Chaoyan covered her cheek with her palm.

“You ugly weirdo, you are this familys shame! The Prince offered you a concubine position because you are part of the Gu Mansion.

You could have turned him down in another way, but you embarrassed him publicly.

Are you still dreaming about getting the position of a Princess Consort Your mother was a businesswoman.

There is no way that you can possibly become the Princess Consort of Duke Changnings son.

Just look at yourself in the mirror.

In this entire capital, who would choose to marry you!”


Gu Zhenkang got increasingly agitated with every word that he spoke.

He pointed at his own face.

“I am totally humiliated because of you!”

Gu Chaoyan tried to pick herself up with all the strength she had.

She may be feeble at the moment but she had a mocking smile on her face.

As the Old Master of the Gu Family, and Gu Chaoyans father, he not only failed to protect his daughter, but also blamed her for losing the familys face.

Moreover, he lamented over Gu Chaoyans ugliness and her mothers origin as a businesswoman.

How ridiculous was this whole thing!

During these past years, Gu Chaoyan could have had a better life, if her father had defended and helped her, or taught her good manners.

It was something that a normal father would do.

But Gu Zhenkang never thought about those.

When he saw Gu Chaoyan still wearing a smile, he got even more furious.

“Just see what you have done! How dare you humiliate your third sister in front of Lord Huai You cant tell right from wrong.

If you want to embarrass yourself in front of the world, go ahead.

Just leave your third sister alone.

Your third sister is beautiful and intelligent.

She is going to marry a nice family and bring honor to the Gu Mansion!”


“You are nothing but a scourge!”

Gu Zhenkang scolded her with a ferocity, which he didnt even use on the servants.

Maybe for him, Gu Chaoyan was even worse than a servant.

Those so-called beautiful and intelligent sisters of hers were giggling at the spectacle.

With her eyes upon him, Gu Chaoyan decided to give him one last chance, since he was, after all, the original hosts real father.

She said, “Father, you hate me because I am ugly and dumb and hence, cant marry anyone with extraordinary status, right If one day, I become beautiful and intelligent, and marry someone with an extraordinary status, will you like me then”


“Become beautiful and marry someone with an extraordinary status” Gu Chaosheng, Gu Ruxue along with Gu Xiuying laughed so loudly as if they had just heard a joke.

The servants of the house werent far behind in mocking her.

Gu Ruxue still remembered what Gu Chaoyan had said to her.

Upon hearing her unrealistic dream, Gu Ruxue scoffed.

“Gu Chaoyan, are you sick You think that you can become beautiful and marry someone with an extraordinary status in this life Why dont you try your luck with the beggars in the city, you would be fortunate if they want you!”

“Sister, I know you are feeling disillusioned because of the engagement getting annulled, but you cant indulge in such wild daydreams!” Gu Xiuying said with a sneer on her face.


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