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Chapter 598: Yinghan


Zhao pointed in one direction.

He suggested that they should take that way.

Seeing that the two of them had a few words to exchange, Sword One took one step backwards and followed tightly behind.

“It was my mistake back then.” Mr.

Zhao, who was always calm and steady, suddenly had some changes on his face.

It was an expression of regret.

“Zhou Sheng used all he could to please Shuang, and Shuang did fall for Zhou Sheng.

So despite the Generals objection, she insisted on marrying him and felt that she was ready to face all the concubines he was going to have.

I had thought that since Shuang liked her, I did not have to step in their relationship.”


“But just look at how Zhou Sheng treats Shuang!”


“I had thought that at least Zhou Sheng would treat Shuang well, even though he has so many wives and concubines, but just look at Shuang now! She has gotten so sick because of what Zhou Sheng has done to her!”


“I should have taken the step forward years back!”


Gu Chaoyan looked at Zhao Yiqiu.

That was the first time after spending so much time with Zhao Yiqiu when she saw Zhao Yiqiu getting emotional.

Normally, he wasnt bothered or affected by anything.

Maybe it was what he had been thinking that affected his mood.


Zhao was a nice person, but he was totally alone.

Yet the Queen was the Queen, and even if he wanted to express his feelings bravely, what more could he do

“Have you thought about what you are going to do No matter what you are going to do, you should never hurt the Queen.

If you do, I wont leave you alone,” Gu Chaoyan said straightforwardly.

It was love, yet morality mattered more.

The Queen was the Mother of the land, and any slight mistake would bring her too much trouble.

Gu Chaoyan would now allow the Queen to be humiliated by the whole country.

Zhao Yiqiu calmed himself down, then he frowned.

“Please give me some time.

I need to think about that.”

Standing in front of him and seeing this handsome man, Gu Chaoyan said to Zhao Yiqiu calmly, “Mr.

Zhao, I hope that you wont become another man like the King.”

Zhao Yiqiu nodded.

Gu Chaoyan turned around and walked into her own yard.

She was feeling shocked.


Zhao, the King and the Queen must have been very close friends.

Otherwise Mr.

Zhao would not have called the King by his real name.

What Gu Chaoyan could not understand was not why Mr.

Zhao hid his affection deep inside his heart, but what worsened the relationship between the King and the Queen so that they became like this now What on earth happened

Gu Chaoyan felt quite messy inwardly.

As she returned to her own yard, Qing came and greeted her.

“Elder Miss, Doctor Xue is waiting for you.

He needs to ask you about something.”

Xue Feihan Xue Feihan said that he left the capital and headed towards Jiayu Pass.

What was he doing here

Gu Chaoyan was confused about his visit here.

She had just come to the yard, when Xue Feihan got up and greeted Gu Chaoyan.

“Greetings, Elder Miss.”

“Take a seat, please.” Gu Chaoyan said politely.

Xue Feihan was a teacher of Saint College.

Normally, she should have called him by his title, but Xue Feihan once drugged Xiu Jie, so Gu Chaoyan refused to call him by his title, though Xiu Jie dropped the issue.

She could not pretend that this matter never happened.

Xue Feihan did not care about how she behaved, but asked directly, “Elder Miss, do you know where Yinghan is”

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