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Chapter 594: Making the Medicine

“Why are you defending her” The Empress Dowager snapped angrily.

The King had no idea what happened to him.

He did not like the Queen either, but he subconsciously refused to believe it when the Empress Dowager accused her of drugging him.

He did not think that the Queen would have done it.

They had been together for more than twenty years.

The Queen had been treating him so well and he even thought that among all the wives he had, she was the one that had the truest heart.

The King might not like the Queen, and he even felt that she was the barrier in his heart unable to be leapt over.

He could get Princess Xunyang to marry Gu Yunhe and he would not care who Zhou Huaijin married, and he could even isolate and imprison the Queen.

He could do anything cruel to her, but he would not even suspect that the Queen would have drugged him!

The Queen loved him for decades and she was going to continue to love him.

He wanted to see her suffer, not see her drugging him!

That was what the King was thinking inwardly.

So he could not accept The Empress Dowagers words.

So he answered briefly, “It is not her, stop guessing around.

I will look into this matter, you dont have to worry about that any more.

And dont visit the Queen either, okay”

The Empress Dowager looked at the King in surprise.

Since when did he become like this He was defending the Queen! Had he forgotten that the Queen was the person he hated the most Had he forgotten how the Jiang Family used to threaten and bully him

The King, however, looked so determined that it was clear he would not accept being countered.

Since the Empress Dowager was aware of what her son was like, she stopped talking about the Queen, since the more she talked about her, the more the King would defend her.

However, there was one thing… One thing she could possibly do.

“Okay then, but everyone can be a suspect.

What I mean is that she should give me the management order, so when the truth is found, I can return that to her.

Also, the Queen is too weak to do any management.” The Empress Dowager said.

She had spent half of her life in the back court.

The Empress Dowager knew what she should get and what she should ignore.

For example now… Since the King was defending the Queen, then she had to get the power.

Hearing what she said, the King hesitated, but the hesitation did not last long.

He also felt that his mother was more reliable compared to the Queen, so he nodded.

“Okay, mom, I promise Ill get it for you.”

The Empress Dowager was slightly satisfied by this so she nodded.

She left after telling him to take care.

The moment the Empress Dowager was gone, quiet dominated the Qianqing Palace.

The King thought of how the Queen used to read books with him at the Qianqing Palace before, but later she no longer showed up.

He sighed.

He felt that something was wrong, but he could not figure out what was wrong.

That feeling was suffocating him! So he took one pill that Gu Chaoyan gave him.

Afterwards he felt refreshed and a lot better.

He was about to take a break, when De Fu came with a message.

“King, the Dean is here.”

The King was slightly more at ease at the moment.

“Okay then, bring him in,” the King said.

De Fu answered and then went to fetch the man.

The Dean saw the King drinking tea as he walked in.

He gave the bottle to him and asked, “Can you make this kind of medicine”

The Dean got startled inwardly at the sight of the bottle.

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