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Chapter 588: Gu Mansions Future

Zhou Huailing threw a look at her.

He stared at Mrs.

Gu as if he were looking at an idiot.

Gu Chaoyan was marrying a Lord and she would always come and get her dowries, since the law was on her side.

Those guards were here to defend the Gu Mansion against her, and those guards cost money too!

Zhou Huailing was feeling rather annoyed.

He said with a long face hearing the annoying words from Mrs.


“The Officer and his staff will move away the dowries, and you should not stop them.”

What! Mrs.

Gus eyes widened.

What was going on

She had thought that with the Kings help, the Officer and the annoying girl would not dare to step into the Gu Mansion any more, but now the dowries were going to be moved

Those were dowries left by Ms.

Lin, and they had filled up the whole storage! They could not be moved away without any warning!

“Lord Ling, what is going on You cant do that!” Mrs.

Gu said anxiously, “We will share half of what we have now, you cant let the girl take them away.”

Gu Ruxue was not present, so Mrs.

Gu had no one to turn to.

So she had to tug at Gu Zhenkang and ask him for help.

Gu Zhenkang said directly, “Yes, we can share half of the dowries with you!”

Zhou Huailing glanced at Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.


He had thought that the Gu Family were smart enough to know what they should do, but it seemed that they were still selfish enough to want to hide half of what the Gu Family had in the storage.

He wanted all of the storage, not just half!

Zhou Huailing gave them the position and future honor, but they were only going to share half of the wealth with him at this moment

The King was right.

Gu Chaoyan could get those things at the moment, because he was going to get all of it in the near future.

Zhou Huailing, who had not been willing to help with the moving, suddenly became rather pleased.

He looked at Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu from a commanding view as he said arrogantly, “That is the Kings order.

Those who are here to move the dowries will be more than the guards from the Government Office; they are also the Kings imperial army.

I am not able to help you, because those things are Gu Chaoyans dowries and she has all the right to have them.

You should not struggly any more, also… You have to return every penny back to her, so you are making the delivery personally!” Zhou Huailing ordered.

Then he left with his guards.

He had no intention of getting involved with this mess.

Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu were so anxious that Mrs.

Gu wanted to stop Lord Ling again when Gu Zhenkang stopped her.

Zhou Huailing had gone out of sight.


Gu stomped her feet and glared at Gu Zhenkang.

“What are you stopping me for Even Lord Ling cant solve the problem, can you”

“Didnt you see Lord Lings look He is unhappy too! You are causing trouble for yourself! Did you hear It is the Kings order! That annoying girl must have done something again!” Gu Zhenkang said with determination.

He was feeling very troubled too, but they had to obey the Kings order, which no one, including Lord Ling dared to disobey.

There was no need for them to get anxious.


Gu was very annoyed, but this cowardly Gu Zhenkang was making sense.

They could not do anything right now even though they were so angry.

“What are we supposed to do What will happen to the Gu Mansion!” Mrs.

Gu felt so anxious that she burst out into tears.

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