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Chapter 582: Conversation with the King

Zhao Yiqiu asked subconsciously.

Then he realized that he had been imprudent.

He sipped the tea and said before Gu Chaoyan gave him an answer.

“I will pass on the message.”

Then he smiled politely.

He got up and left.

He did not mention anything about the pastry anymore.

So when Sword One came with the pastry, she said straightforwardly, “Elder Miss, please eat some.”

Gu Chaoyan threw a bitter look at Sword One.

Sword One gave a slight cough and said, “I will finish the pastry myself.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled brightly.

The moment Zhou Huaijin came, he saw the scene where Gu Chaoyan was drinking tea whilst Sword One was trying her best to eat the pastry.

He did not ask anything, though he found the scene peculiar.

He sat down directly.

Seeing Zhou Huaijin here, Gu Chaoyan said, “I may have to go to court these next two days.”

“Oh, for what” Zhou Huaijin was confused.

“I am checking someone up.” Gu Chaoyan answered.

Zhou Huaijin nodded.

He got the point without hearing anything more from Gu Chaoyan.

“Keep Sword One, and I will be around too,” Zhou Huaijin said cautiously.

He would not have been worried if the situation hadnt changed, but after what happened to Xunyang, he found that changes had happened tremendously to his father and he needed to be careful.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She patted his hands, telling him to not be worried.

Then she mentioned the Officer.

“That Officer is one of the few ones in the capital that is truly devoted to work.

Unfortunately, he is just an officer,” Gu Chaoyan said.

Zhou Huaijin smiled, then he explained.

“The Officer is called Shen Tai, one of the early years Champions of Imperial Examination.

He used to work at the Academy, but his straightforward personality offended too many students from noble families, so he was degraded.

He used to work in some local government office, but when the Officer in the capital was replaced, I transferred him to this position.

He is most suitable for the Dali Temple, but there are way too many noble-born officers there for him, an ordinary-born person, to get a place there.”


“But judging from what happened recently, he has not changed his original personality.

Yes, it is a pity for him now, but good things dont come easily.

He will always get back what belongs to him.

Well, it is just a matter of time.” Zhou Huaijin consoled her.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Then she said nothing more.


The visit to the court arrived faster than Gu Chaoyan had anticipated.

Early in the morning, she was asked to get up for the visit in the court.

Zhou Huaijin could not possibly keep her company too purposefully, so he asked Gu Chaoyan to visit the court first before following her.


Zhao, however, looked quite calm.

He and Gu Chaoyan passed the gate and walked towards the inner court.

The King was no longer working at the Imperial Study, but at his own Qianqing Palace, where he could have a proper rest.

And he barely visited his concubines.

The moment the King met Gu Chaoyan, he was wearing a very complicated look on his face.

When he approved of Zhou Huaijins proposal of marrying Gu Chaoyan, he did not think highly of her, but right now, he needed this girl to treat him medically.

The King sat up straight, trying his best to stay imposing as a King.

“Elder Miss, I heard that you have a condition to detoxify me” the King asked, sounding intimidating.

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