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Chapter 579: The Officer

Gu Ruxue was startled, then she remembered that she did stop Lord Huai back at the Officers place a while ago.

She did not have anything to tell Lord Huai, just got quite annoyed when he saw how Lord Huai cared about Gu Chaoyan.

She had thought that when she called out to Lord Huai, he would at least stop and ask what she needed, since she was the Phoenix Girl! What she wanted was to see how Gu Chaoyan would react, but Lord Huai did not stop, nor did he ask her what she needed.

Gu Ruxue had been feeling quite distressed, but now Lord Ling knew about it!

Gu Ruxue glanced at her maids, thinking that one of them must have betrayed her.

Apart from Ming, most of the other maids were from Lord Lings Mansion.

She felt that those people must have turned on her… so she was feeling very displeased, but she could not snap at them.

She said with a smile, “Lord, what are you thinking I did need to speak with Lord Huai about the dowries.

I am your Princess Consort, so I have to think for the mansion and for all the Princess Concubines, right”

Only at this time did Zhou Huailing look slightly more assured.

He had been very angry when he heard about the matter.

Gu Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl who could give anyone the world.

If she ever fell for Eighth Brother, then….

That was what Zhou Huailing had been thinking, but Ruxue did not even think about that.

He felt slightly more pleased and spoke in a more gentle tone.

He took Gu Ruxues hands and said gently, “Ruxue, dont blame me.

I simply like you too much, that is why I got angry.

But dont behave like this any more, or you can just inform me ahead of time.”

Gu Ruxue nodded in surprise.

During the past few days, Lord kept pressing her and showed no good temper in front of her.

It was rare for him to console her like this.

Gu Ruxue smiled “Okay!”

Zhou Huailing nodded and headed back to the mansion with her.


At Gu Chaoyans Mansion.

Gu Chaoyan was drinking the tea in the yard, as Sword One and Qing were engaged with their own business.

Xiu Jie was taking care of different errands in the mansion, so Qing started to work in the kitchen instead.

She felt that her Miss was getting skinnier than ever, and she should make sure she got well fed.

Sword One, on the other hand, was sorting the storage.

She believed that she needed to get the storage sorted, since her Miss had many dowries.

She had earned much money from Yellow Crane as well as the medical payment earned from before.

When she was done, Sword One came hurrying to Gu Chaoyan and said happily, “Elder Miss, the storage is emptied, we can just wait for the stuff to be moved in.”


“Do you think it will work out properly” Sword One was still worried.

The Gu Family was not an easy place to deal with.

“No.” Gu Chaoyan answered with determination.

Sword One was speechless.

Elder Miss was simply too straightforward.

For one second, she had no idea what she was supposed to say.

“Mother has left me a large amount of dowries, and Gu Zhenkang married her for those dowries.

It will take some effort before they are willing to offer those things back to us,” Gu Chaoyan said.

“We can go and carry them out directly!” Sword One said angrily.

Xiu Jie came running, “Elder Miss, the Officer is here.

He needs to speak with you!”

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