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Chapter 578: To Lord Huai

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Lord Ling had taken a lot of money from the Gu Family before and most of it was the dowries left by Ms.

Lin to Gu Chaoyan.

Lord Ling claimed that he had an army to take care of and needed money, so he asked the Gu Family to give him some which he would return when he had money at his own mansion, but now he was asking them for more money before the previous one was returned.

Gu Chaoyans doweries were left for Gu Yunhe, as Mrs.

Gu planned.

Yunhe needed money too.


Gu would not have been so unwilling if Lord Ling was loaning the money, but it seemed that Lord Ling was going to take Gu Mansion as the storage of Lord Lings Mansion and that he could take money from them whenever he wanted.

That displeased Mrs.

Gu a great deal.

She hesitated for a long while.

She said nothing.

Nor did he do anything.

Zhou Huailing, who had been so relaxed drinking tea, sank his expression when he saw what Mrs.

Gu was like.

“Well, you arent going to do it”


“If I had not gotten my men to guard the dowries, you would not have the abilities to keep them.

Just dont forget that Gu Chaoyan is not alone.

My Eighth Brother is behind her.”


“I dont need all of your money, just some for my own army.”


“The whole world is going to be mine, why are you so concerned about those dowries” Zhou Huailing interrogated.


Gu suddenly came back to herself.

She had not thought it through.

She was so narrow-minded!

Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl, so Lord Ling was definitely going to take the throne!

It was not the time for them to care about the dowries right now, since their mansion was going to be the inlaw family of the future King… they could get anything they wanted.

Gu Yunhe was very anxious as well.

“Mom, we have got so much in storage, you can give it to Lord Ling if he wants it! We wont be running out of it at all.

Lord Ling will grant us as many things as we want in the future! Those presents would be more than what we have now.”

Zhou Huailing nodded at Gu Yunhe in satisfaction.

Gu Yunhes face was swollen, but he was not that annoying in his eyes any more.

Gu Yunhe was not a very proper man with manners, but he had only one merit – he was always taking Lord Lings side.

It was a good thing for him to have such a supporter anyway.


Gu laughed.

“That is not what I mean.

I was just thinking how much we can get for Lord Ling.” Then she got up and said, “I will ask Chen Fu to do the work as soon as possible.”

Gu Yunhe urged her away, then he turned to Zhou Huailing and tried to suck up to him.

Gu Yunhe had a simple mind – Lord Ling was going to be the future king and as long as Lord Ling was pleased, everything would work out.

Zhou Huailing was in a good mood.

“Yunhe, even though you cant marry the Princess, I will attach importance to your marriage.

You can wait until I have the power to give you anyone you want, right now, you can just find a noble lady to marry to start with.”

“Thank you, Lord,” Gu Yunhe said with a smile.

He knew that Lord Ling would not abandon him.

He was going to get any girl he wanted.


Gu had gotten several boxes ready by this point.

Zhou Huailing got up and was ready to go when he asked his staff to carry the stuff away.

He did not ask Gu Ruxue to tag along.

Gu Ruxue got anxious.

“Lord, why are you not paying attention to me”

She was totally ignored in the hall too.

Zhou Huailing glared at her.

“Didnt you want to say those things to Lord Huai instead”

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