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Chapter 576: Ideas

Zhou Huaijin looked at Gu Ruxue subconsciously as he heard the voice.

He frowned.

He did not think that Gu Ruxue would have anything important to speak with him, so he ignored her directly and went out with Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Ruxue was completely startled! She was the Phoenix Girl! She could give them the world! Why was Lord Huai ignoring her!

Seeing the way Zhou Huaijin helped Gu Chaoyan out, Gu Ruxue thought of one idea – she was going to get this man for herself!

She snorted, then she got up…

Her maid came to help her.

Gu Ruxue did not care about Gu Zhenkang either.

Instead, she just followed Zhou Huaijin, who helped Gu Chaoyan into the wagon carefully and who told the horseman to drive slowly before getting into the wagon himself.

As she saw the scene, Gu Ruxue felt even more annoyed.

How could this b**ch get such a nice man who cared about her all the time.

Whilst her Lord Ling kept nagging about her ignorance towards the errands at Lord Lings Mansion.

Gu Ruxue watched the wagon leaving with a miserable look on her face.

Gu Zhenkang came and saw Gu Ruxue staring in one direction, as he asked confusedly, “Ruxue, what are you staring at”

He sighed.

“What are we supposed to do Are we really going to return the dowries They are going to empty the whole mansion and we wont have enough money either… most of the money has been used by Lord Ling…”

Before he was able to finish his words Gu Ruxue glared at him.

“Shut up, look where you are standing! Stop saying nonsense!”

Gu Zhenkang cringed.

He had just been snapped at by his own daughter, but he could not counter her at all.

Well, it was he who had said something wrong.

Then he asked with a look of embarrassment.

“What are we supposed to do”

“You keep dragging me down! You are capable of doing nothing! We have to ask the Lord for help now!” Gu Ruxue said unhappily.

Gu Zhenkang nodded.

As long as they could find Lord Ling.

Lord Ling would have some way out.

He could not do anything about this, but Lord Ling might have some ideas.

Gu Zhenkang let out a sigh of relief.

Gu Ruxue got very annoyed seeing how her cowardly father behaved.

She ignored him, got into the wagon and headed towards the Gu Mansion, followed by Gu Zhenkangs wagon.

They had just arrived at the Gu Mansion when Mrs.

Gu and Gu Yunhe rushed forward.

“How did it go” Mrs.

Gu asked.

“Nothing good.

Husbands just cant get involved with the girls dowries, so the dowries have been given back to Gu Chaoyan,” Gu Zhenkang said timidly.

He had known the rules before, but the reason why he was so confident before was because he did not think that Gu Chaoyan would sue him.

Yet the truth was that she did, and since she did lay the charges against him, he could not have won.

“You damn useless man, always dragging me down!” Mrs.

Gu snapped at her husband as she pulled Gu Ruxue aside.

“Ruxue, what do you think”

“Nothing we can do, lets wait until Lord is here,” Gu Ruxue said, looking distressed.

However, she was not thinking about the dowries, but about Lord Huai, so she was quite down at the moment.

When Zhou Huailing arrived, Gu Ruxue was distracted whilst Mrs.

Gu was pacing back and forth in the hall.

She was very anxious because all of those properties were supposed to become Yunhes.

As she saw Zhou Huailing, she looked as if the savior had arrived.

“Lord, what are we supposed to do”

“Dont worry, I already know the situation and I have got an idea,” Zhou Huailing said calmly.

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